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Students all around the world are learning English with Pearson materials. Our courses help teachers motivate learners, show evidence of progress to schools and parents, and achieve goals.

We’ve partnered with teachers and students worldwide to create unique materials and tools for learning, enabling pupils to flourish; teachers to inspire; and parents, schools and organisations to have confidence that students are making meaningful progress toward their learning objectives.

Last year, teachers around Spain participated in our workshops and focus groups, which allowed us to better understand teachers’ needs. As a result we’re certain that all new materials fulfill teachers’ expectations and address their most common challenges in the classroom, while making learning interesting and fun for students.

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Learning: our vision

Learning is a never-ending road of discovery, challenge, inspiration, and wonder. For many people, it is the route to a job to support their family or the skills to help them progress in their career. That's why Pearson is focused on helping learners at every stage of the journey discover a love of learning that helps provide opportunities throughout their lives.
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