By Jan Bell, Amanda Thomas, Sally Burgess, Lynda Edwards, Jon Naunton, Jacky Newbrook, Clare Walsh, Lindsay Warwick and Judith Wilson.

Help your students reach the Gold standard!

With Gold, students develop natural English while learning the skills they will need to really excel in their exam. Gold makes it easy to teach light, fun classes with stimulating, discussion-rich lessons together with lots of personalisation.

• Dynamic learning
Gold B2 First New Edition helps teachers to deliver stimulating, discussion-rich lessons with lots of personalisation. There is a strong emphasis on communicative practice and the development of natural speaking skills to build student confidence.

• Better class flow
Each unit in Gold B2 First New Edition contains practice for all papers of the Cambridge English Qualifications B2 First exam, and every lesson includes an integrated range of skills with plenty of discussion. The material is divided into lessons on spreads or pages each with a carefully structured progression through a variety of activities including individual, pair, and whole-class work.

• Comprehensive exam practice and support
Gold B2 First New Edition ensures that both teachers and students know what to expect in the exam and how to deal with each part effectively, thanks to the carefully staged exam tasks and comprehensive Exam Focus section detailing strategies for every part of the exam, extra tips with exam tasks as well as a complete Cambridge English Qualifications B2 First Practice Test.

• Extensive Digital Package
Gold B2 First New Edition digital components include eText for students, Active Teach IWB software, MyEnglishLab, and downloadable teacher’s resources including the Testmaster, Photocopiable Worksheets and all Coursebook and Exam Maximiser audio and video.



  •  50% new content with many new readings and listenings, and completely new visuals
  • 12 rather than 14 units
  •  The difficulty level for reading and listening has been increased to match the level of the B2 First exam
  • Grammar has been improved with more detail, depth, engagement and activities
  • New full practice test, and two more available to download
  • Progress test every three units
  • Audio scripts at the back of the book 
  • New course-specific MyEnglishLab

Why choose Gold with MyEnglishLab?

Enriched Learning
Activities and practice in all skills areas, instantly graded and correlated to the Gold coursebook.

Gold MyEnglishLab includes practice and review tests. With instantly graded activities plus tips and feed back, students are supported and guided to successfully complete the exercises.

Flexible solutions
Assign tasks to the whole class, groups, or individual students to help them reach their goals.

Informed teaching
MyEnglishLab gives you a full learning management system with a range of practical, problem-solving teaching tools. Rely on this online learning tool to support your students effectively, using the automated feed back it offers you on your students' language strengths and weaknesses.

Manage your classes the way you always wanted
Αssign tasks to the whole class, groups or individual students depending on their needs. Use the communication tools to send messages to your students and, if you wish, keep in contact outside of class.

Find out instantly how individual students and the whole class are progressing at the click of a button. Print the gradebook reports to show them to the parents of your students.

Offer each one of your students the special attention you want them to have
When your students use MyEnglishLab for online practice, you instantly get access to a wide range of useful diagnostic tools. Automated Common Error reports (for individual students or the whole class) and instant feedback on all activities plus model answers will help you focus on the real needs of your students.

How will my Students get access to MyEnglishLab?

The MyEnglishLab is sold as a package together with the Students' Book.

How will I get access to MyEnglishLab?

Request your free Teacher’s Access code at your local Pearson office.


As the bestselling exam series for nearly two decades and trusted by teachers everywhere, Gold has helped over 8 million students worldwide to succeed in their Cambridge English exams

For the Teachers

Teacher’s Book with Teacher’s Resource Disc
The Gold Teacher’s Book is a complete guide to using all of the Gold components in a blended classroom. It contains lesson plans with answers, audio scripts and writing task sample answers. Includes supplementary ideas for warmers and extension activities.

Teacher’s Resources
Digital Teacher’s Resources to accompany and supplement your teaching using Gold. Includes full Teacher’s book content, Testmasters and Photocopiables. Available online and offline.

Active Teach for IWB
Interactive whiteboard software to help teachers get the most out of the course. It includes full coursebook with extra interactive activities and games, show-answers, Speaking test videos and Testmasters.

Class Audio CDs
Full class audio available on CD or online via the Teacher’s Online Resource Materials.


Gold Teacher's Book First

For Students

The Gold Coursebook includes engaging units with authentic texts, exam-style practice and exam tips with every exam task. It also contains a useful Grammar Reference, a detailed Exam Focus section and a comprehensive Writing Reference.

Exam Maximiser
The Exam Maximiser provides additional practice of skills, exam tasks and language points. It contains six additional Use of English spreads and a complete Practice Test.

MyEnglishLab is an Online Learning Management System that includes interactive versions of all Exam Maximiser activities, a large bank of extra practice activities, video presentations explaining each part of the exam, two full practice tests and much more.

Students’ eText
This digital version of the Coursebook can be used at home or in class, on desktop or mobile devices. Includes interactive activities.