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We’re advancing with you, celebrating our passion for education and committed to English Language Learning and Assessment, collaborating to provide you with the materials you need to bring the New Education Law to life.

Bringing the LOMLOE to life

Get to know our Top Primary courses carefully selected for your next academic year: 

Pre-A1 to A2 

Perfect for 2 to 3 sessions of English a week and if your classes need extra reinforcement and support resources. 

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Pre-A1 to A2+ 

Perfect for 3 to 5 sessions of English a week and if you expect some children to be ready to go a bit further.

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A1 to B1 

Perfect to learn English through creative tasks, investigation, real-life projects and experiments! 


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A1 to B1 

Perfect to challenge your pupils to think critically, be creative and get results, focused on developing future skills. 

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Pearson Connected English Learning Programme

Primary Courses and NEW English Benchmark for Young Learners

Our Primary courses are designed for teachers who instil confidence and inspire, and students who thrive in their classrooms. We’ve partnered with teachers and specialists worldwide to create unique learning solutions, to support learner progress, equipping students with the competences they need to meet the demands of the global world of today and tomorrow.

English Benchmark Young Learners

Gamified assessment for learning to measure young learners’ proficiency and monitor progress that can be used:

  • As a diagnostic and formative tool
  • As a progress monitor
  • As evidence of the quality of your teaching

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Benchmark test

Also available


This chart shows you how each of our products correlates to the GSE, the CEFR, English Benchmark Young Learners and the Pearson English  International Certificate Young Learners. This will help you choose the course and assessment which bestmatches your students’ needs.