Makes learning English an unforgettable adventure!

Poptropica English is a six-level primary English series that engages young learners like never before. Ideal for programmes of 2-3 hours per week, pupils learn in a world of exciting stories, adventures and quests. The course contains a unique combination of beautiful in-class materials and fun-filled online content including the Poptropica English World and the Island Adventure Game, creating a world of excitement and adventure that kids won’t want to leave.

Poptropica English

Tessa Lochowski, Linnette Erocak, Sagrario Salaberri, Viv Lambert, Fiona Beddall, Laura Miller, Aaron Jolly

Series Consultant
David Nunan

6 Levels
Pre-A1 - A2

Poptropica English delivers a unique immersive and flexible curriculum underpinned by a sound pedagogical programme

Why Poptropica English?

  • Solid methodology and progression
    Proven pedagogy with the tried and tested “5Ps” approach that is easy to teach with and gets great results. A smooth progression of skills for reading and writing, with a gradual increase in challenge at each stage, enables pupils to seamlessly progress to the next level of learning.

  • Assessment for Learning
    Poptropica English includes Assessment for Learning techniques, which enhance learning by supporting pupils in understanding what they know and what they need to do next and empowering them to take responsibility for their learning. Teachers are better placed to understand where their pupils are and to make decisions about how to help them improve.

  • Projects
    Active methodologies to increase learner’s motivation include fun, practical projects in every unit that bring together what pupils have studied and allow them to personalise and share what they havelearned.

  • CLIL and Culture references
    Integrated within each unit are links to other school subjects as well as the opportunity to study children’s lives and cultures in other parts of the world.

  • Enriched Digital Offer
    A full digital package includes the Online World, Active Teach for Interactive Whiteboards, Vocabulary app and eText for all devices, including tablets. The widest range of materials which provide opportunities to enrich pupils’ learning both in school and at home.

Poptropica English British Edition Course Overview