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Pearson Connected English Learning Program

Empower your young English language learners with engaging courses, confidence-boosting assessments and certifications to recognise their achievements.

Our Secondary courses

Teenage students need to see the purpose in what they learn and what they do. And if they see that learning English with our Secondary courses helps them acquire the skills and competences they will need in real life, whether it be at university or in the world of work, there is no better motivation for them.

Introduction to English Benchmark
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Our Assessments

Gain detailed insight into your students’ skills, measure progress with in-depth English proficiency analysis, and target teaching with Benchmark Test:

  • Rich insights and direction of all four language skills either individually or by groups
  • Monitors progress with fast and detailed results with leading AI scoring techonology
  • Readiness indicator for certified exams as it is a reliable predictor

Interested in knowing more about Benchmark?

Our Certifications

Pearson English International Certificate is a prestigious English language test that proves learners’ English language ability at any level from A1 to C2. The test reflects the type of language that learners will encounter in English speaking environments, using activities that students are familiar with from their classes. It integrates all four skills and focuses on assessing the ability to communicate in English, rather than just test-taking skills.


All aligned to the GSE

Our Primary courses, assessments and certifications are aligned to the Global Scale of English (GSE) to support measuring English language proficiency, assess progress and set up clear learning goals.


This chart shows you how each of our products correlates to the GSE, the CEFR and the Pearson English International Certificate. This will help you choose the course which best matches your students’ needs.