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Gold Experience 2nd Edition is an engaging, media-rich course for teenage students which prepares them for Cambridge (for schools) exams while motivating students to build the language and skills they need in class and in the world beyond school. Through the comprehensive language syllabus teenage students experience and practise “real life” English in context and develop the competences they need for future success.

  • Prepares students for the Cambridge English Qualifications across eight levels
    Gold Experience 2nd Edition has exam preparation built in from the start from A1 to C1. A2+, B1+ and B2+ levels enable students to seamlessly progress to the next level of learning.
  • Engaging content and instruction on future skills
    Absorbing, media-rich material engages and challenges teens, promoting critical thinking and collaboration, developing a range of communication styles such as debate as well as giving opportunities for creativity and problem solving. Topics are relevant to students’ lives, allowing them to both bring their own experience to lessons and learn about the wider world.
  • Authentic material with real stories and real people
    Videos expose teens to authentic language, real people and world issues, inspiring them to look further into the topic and raising students’ awareness of the responsibilities of global citizenship.
  • Full digital solution to optimize the learning experience
    Suitable for every teaching scenario, includes Presentation Tool, Gradebook and interactive eBook for students.
Gold Experience aligns with the key requirements of the new curriculum lomloe
Pearson Practice App for Gold Experience 2nd edition
Welcome to Gold Experience 2nd Edition

What’s new in the 2nd Edition?

  • All new content and design
  • Three new levels: A2+, B2+, C1
  • Nine core units and a review unit
  • New digital practice and presentation tools
  • More 21st century skills focus 
  • An independent learning strand
  • Improved language input and practice
  • Editable presentations for grammar points
  • Improved assessment pack
gold experience,What’s new in the 2nd Edition?

For Students

Students' Book

Topic-based units include a wide range of topics bringing authentic global voices and experiences into the classroom and offering thorough input and practice of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, with topic vocabulary and grammar presented in situations which exemplify their meaning and use.

Language and Skills Workbook

Further practice of all the language and skills students see in the Students’ Book lessons.

Exam Practice Books

• Additional intensive practice for the exams.
• Two complete practice tests, one with tips and guidance for every task.
• Extensive support for productive tasks.
• Online answer keys, audio and speaking test videos with teacher’s resources.

  • Interactive Students’ Book
    Fully interactive digital
    versions of the Students’ Book and Workbook with integrated interactive activities, audio, video material.
  • Students’ App
    With its fun and motivating activities, the students’ app helps students to practise the skills presented in the units.
  • Online Practice
    Ideal for a blended learning approach
    , includes all the Workbook exercises in interactive format with gradebook, plus extra reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, all the videos as well as practice and review tests.

For the teacher

  • Teacher’s Book
    Step-by-step guidance on how to use Gold Experience 2nd Edition in the blended classroom. It includes full teaching notes with answer key and audio scripts, as well as ideas for additional and alternative activities

  • Teacher’s Resource Pack
    Includes unit, end-of-term, end-of-year and exam preparation tests plus extra photocopiable resources.
Gold Experience bringing the new education law lomloe to life

Digital Resources

All the support a busy teacher needs is
available online in the Pearson English Portal including teaching notes, photocopiable worksheets and unit, mid- and end-of-year tests.
Also available are Grammar PowerPoint presentations for each unit’s grammar points and resources for students with special educational needs.

Presentation tool

Interactive whiteboard software providing everything you need, including full coursebook and workbook with interactive activities and show-answers, printable resources and games to practise vocabulary and grammar for every unit.

Test Generator

A bank of tests that also allows you to create, customise and print your own tests at the right level for your students to help monitor and improve their progress.

Classroom resources - Colour your world

Engaging and motivating classroom resources

Inspired by Gold Experience 2nd edition, see how these resources can colour your world.

Access resources

Final step to exam success with Gold Experience 2nd Edition

Watch a recording of the webinar where Imogen Wyllie, Pearson expert, discusses how using Gold Experience 2nd Edition can support students to achieve exam success.

Final step to exam success with Gold Experience

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