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Bringing the exam into focus

FOCUS on preparing for the University Entrance Exam
Regular exposure to exam-type tasks, exam tips and strategies and exam reference. Test Generator with tests which can be customised to meet the specific requirements for each region.

FOCUS on future skills – NEW!
Learning Experiences provide opportunities to develop future skills such as communication, critical thinking, collaboration, autonomy, cultural awareness and digital competence to achieve real and practical outcomes.

FOCUS on authentic language through BBC videos
Authentic BBC culture videos bring topics to life and motivate students to learn through relevant and intriguing real-life content that is relevant for today’s teens.

FOCUS on mixed-level classes
Graded practice and tests provide support in mixed-level classes and enable teachers to plan for individual students’ needs.

FOCUS on independent learning
Live tutor ‘flipped classroom’ video lessons featuring grammar animations, online practice plus interactive Students’ Book and Workbook, give students everything they need to manage and reinforce their learning at their own pace.

FOCUS on interactive digital classrooms
The enriched digital package includes a Test Generator, Active Teach for Interactive Whiteboards, eBooks and online activities suitable for every teaching scenario.

Exam Focus
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Exam Focus Sample Materials 

You can access free samples and demos for Exam Focus materials so you can best see how this course suits your teaching needs. Check them out here:

Andalusia culture

Exam Focus all print materials available with interactive books
  • Students’ Book
    Clear lessons with integrated exam training organized around vocabulary, grammar and all four skills. Engaging BBC Culture videos provide contextualized learning opportunities that are relevant for today’s teens. Online Practice includes Live Tutor Grammar Lessons and extra online practice.

  • Workbook
    Provides specific exam-style practice activities and exam strategies as well as consolidating learning points presented in the Students’ Book.
  • Interactive Students’ Book and Interactive Workbook
    Fully interactive digital versions of the Students’ Book and Workbook with integrated interactive activities, audio, video material and gradebook.
  • Extra Online Practice
    Extra interactive online practice with scores recorded in the gradebook helps students review and recycle what they have learned.
  • MyEnglishLab
    Ideal for a blended learning approach, includes all the workbook activities, remediation exercises for grammar exercises and language learning tips. Ideal for independent learning during final preparation for the exam.

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