Rise and Shine cover

CEFR: Pre-A1 - A2+
GSE: 10-42

Viv Lambert, Jeanne Perret, Tessa Lochowski, Mary Roulston, Anna Osborn and Cheryl Pelteret

Rise and Shine Andalusia Edition

Empower every child to reach their potential and shine!

Pearson Shine Methodology
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Based on extensive research in Andalusia, and in complete alignment with the new curriculum, Rise and Shine is a new 6-level Primary course built on the unique Shine methodology.

Rise and Shine is designed to ensure quality education and equal opportunities for all children, and to build children's English language abilities while simultaneously equipping them with the competences they need to meet the demands of the global world of today and tomorrow.

Choose Rise and Shine Andalusia Edition if:

  •  You expect some children to be ready to go a bit further or take an extra challenge.
  • You have classes of children with a diverse range of previous English knowledge who mostly need additional activities and extension resources.
  • You prepare your students for external examinations such as Cambridge English Young Learners and Cambridge English A2 Key.

Sample Materials

You can access free samples for Rise and Shine Andalucia Edition materials so you can best see how this course suits your teaching needs. Check them out here:

Print and Digital Components

All print materials available with interactive books to suit every teaching scenario, both in and outside the classroom.

rise and shine students components

Pupil's Book

The Pupil's Book provides material to present and practise the key language effectively, following an implicit grammar approach supported with grammar reference at the end of the book.

It is designed with clear lesson objectives and signposting to guide pupils throughout the unit. Helper suggestions support children throughout the unit. Includes Learning Experiences every two units to make learning come to life.

Also available for all levels:

Activity Book


Pupil's Book

Fully interactive digital versions of the Pupil's Book and Activity Book with integrated interactive activities, audio, video material and gradebook.

Extra Online Practice

Children can revisit stories, songs, videos and games from the course at home, spending additional time with English as well as sharing their achievements with the family.

Online 360° games

Open up a world of engaging content that transports students beyond the classroom inspiring them to explore a panoramic environment and answer quizzes at their own pace to review and consolidate learning from the unit.

Also available for all levels

Interactive Activity Book

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