Unique 5-Stage Shine Methodology

The unique Shine Methodology is designed with deliberate progress in mind, helping each child to achieve their own objectives through a clear learning path:

Unique 5-Stage Shine Methodology

What's great about the Shine Methodology?

  • Provides clear and personalised learning pathways
    Built on rigorous pedagogical foundations through the Global Scale of English, enables every child to reach their true potential.
  • Sparks curiosity and fosters creativity
    Provides pupils with opportunities to be creative and use their imaginations, through stories, activities and projects.
  • Educates children to be responsible citizens and develops sustainable values
    Encourages pupils to take responsibility for their behaviour in the world and to act with sensitivity towards social, cultural, civic and environmental issues.
  • Raises awareness of the sustainable development goals
    The sustainable development goals are integrated in the topics of the units while Learning Experiences provide opportunities for students to consider how they can contribute towards achieving the goals.
  • Competence based approach with emphasis on future skills
    Fun, exciting material and course characters develop competences and prepare pupils to succeed both in the classroom and in the outside world.
  • Builds digital competence
    A full range of flexible digital solutions, including innovative 360° online games, builds pupil's confidence in dealing with the challenges and excitement of the digital world.
What's great about the Shine Methodology?
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Empower every child to reach their potential and shine!

Our new courses I Can Shine and Rise and Shine share the unique 'Shine' methodology while each cater for the needs of different teaching and learning situations.