Disney Stars and Friends

My Disney Stars and Friends

Learn and grow together with your Disney friends

My Disney Stars and Friends is a new Pre-Primary course for children aged 3 to 5. The course brings together the magic of Disney and the rigor of Pearson educational content to give learners a fun and motivating start to language-learning.

Discover My Disney Stars and Friends I Pearson and Disney I Young Learners
  • The perfect combination of delightful Disney characters and stories with real-life children and values. 
  • Development of Future Skills: building self-awareness, social awareness, persistence and growth.
  • Built on rigorous pedagogical foundations and support material from an early age, through the Global Scale of English.
  • Simple, flexible and easy to teach: clear classroom routines supported by carefully structured lessons.
  • Comprehensive digital offering for every teaching scenario, including Presentation Tool and eBooks for students.
My disney Starts and friends is aligned with LOMLOE
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  • 3 Levels
  • GSE range: 10-18


Why choose My Disney Stars & Friends?

Print & Digital Components

For students

Student’s Book with eBook and Digital Resources

It includes stickers, simple press out projects, and an access code to Student Book eBook and Digital resources for parents or carers.

Workbook with eBook

The Workbook provides additional practice for all the language introduced in the Student’s Book.

For parents & carers

Digital Resources for parents and carers

Parents or carers can access songs, videos and stories to revisit the material with children at home. Access to Pearson English Portal is provided via a code included in every Student’s Book.

For teachers


Teacher's Book with eBooks and Digital Resources 
It includes comprehensive and easy-to-follow teaching notes, answers, extra activities and ideas, a games bank, audio scripts and video scripts.

Picture Cards

Story Cards


Mickey Mouse puppet

My stars and friends Pearson material for students


Presentation tool 
The Presentation tool supports effective lesson delivery:

  • Interactive version of the Student’s Book and Workbook with integrated audio and video
  • Planning mode (includes teacher’s notes) and teaching mode
  • Easy navigation via book page and lesson flow
  • Additional game activities

Spanish Teacher's Book
Complete Teacher’s Book in Spanish language.

Class audio
It includes a set of songs which helps in structuring the lesson as well as help children pass from one stage or mood to another.  

There are two types of videos in the course:

  • Disney videos consolidate all the language of the unit in a new but familiar context of a film clip, providing a fun ending to the unit.
  • Action song videos cover the key language of the unit, both the vocabulary and the structures.

Assessment Worksheets
Each unit ends with a review lesson which revises all the new material and provides an opportunity to evaluate what children have retained. 

GSE Teacher mapping booklet
* Included with the Teacher's Book 

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