Makes learning English an unforgettable adventure!

Poptropica English Islands is a more intensive version of the Poptropica English course, designed to engage, motivate and involve young learners of English. It combines a solid ELT methodology, including exciting stories, adventures and quests, with a dynamic Island Adventure Game. The vocabulary and grammar syllabus has been developed in line with external exam topics, and is specifically aimed at Cambridge Young Learners, Cambridge Key and Trinity.

Poptropica English Islands Andalucia
  • Unrivalled Digital Offer
    Full digital support package includes the Island Adventure Game plus, for interactive whiteboards, the Active Teach with real world videos to support the teaching of Culture lessons. The Vocabulary app completes the digital offer and provides multiple ways to enrich pupils’ learning both in school and at home. 
  • Assessment for Learning
    Poptropica English Islands incorporates Assessment for Learning techniques which help to enhance learning by supporting pupils in understanding what they know and what they need to do next to make progress. 
  • Projects
    Projects provide pupils with a motivating opportunity to use the language they have learnt to research, produce and present a collaborative piece of work. 
  • Cultural references and Cross Curricular links
    Wider World lessons provide insights into the lives of children in other parts of the world and help pupils to develop awareness of other cultures.
    Illustrated stories help pupils learn the values that encourage them to develop as responsible citizens.
    Links to other school subjects are integrated within each unit and give pupils the opportunity to learn content subjects through English. 
  • Support for mixed-level classes
    Teachers’ Resources include tests, extra practice material and extension worksheets so that teachers can tailor the course to the needs of individual classes and pupils, making sure that everyone is involved in the learning process.


Complete set of pupils’ resources to help students maximise their learning

  • Pupil’s Book and Online Area
    The Pupil’s Book provides a smooth syllabus progression and introduces language in lively and engaging contexts. Songs, chants, stories and games help to ensure lessons are motivating and effective.
    The online area provides access to the game, app and extra online practice enabling pupils to review what they have learned at their own pace.

  • Island Adventure Game
    When playing the Island Adventure Game, pupils practise language tasks from the units while engaging with the characters form the course.
  • Vocabulary App
    With fun and motivating games, the app helps pupils to practise the vocabulary presented in the units.

  • Extra Practice Material
    Offers reinforcement and consolidation of the language presented in the Pupil’s Book.

Also avalilable for all

  • eText
    Basic Digital version of the Pupil’s Book with integrated audio material.
  • Activity Book