Poptropica English Islands Sample Materials

You can access free samples and demos for Poptropica English Islands materials so you can best see how this course suits your teaching needs. Check them out here:

Complete set of pupils’ resources to help students maximise their learning

  • Pupil’s Book and Online Area
    The Pupil’s Book provides a smooth syllabus progression and introduces language in lively and engaging contexts. Songs, chants, stories and games help to ensure lessons are motivating and effective.
    The online area provides access to the game, app and extra online practice enabling pupils to review what they have learned at their own pace.

  • Island Adventure Game
    When playing the Island Adventure Game, pupils practise language tasks from the units while engaging with the characters form the course.
  • Vocabulary App
    With fun and motivating games, the app helps pupils to practise the vocabulary presented in the units.

  • Extra Practice Material
    Offers reinforcement and consolidation of the language presented in the Pupil’s Book.

Also avalilable for all

  • eText
    Basic Digital version of the Pupil’s Book with integrated audio material.
  • Activity Book