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8 levels
CEFR A1 - C1/C2
GSE 21-88

The right route for every learner

Roadmap is a new, eight-level general English course for adults that recognises every class is different, every learner is unique. Roadmap’s rich content and flexible organisation allows teachers to tailor their lessons to give learners the specific language training they need to progress. Engaging and clearly-organised, with an extensive range of support materials, Roadmap makes lessons easy to prepare and fun to teach.

  • Map your own route through the course
    Focus on key language and speaking skills and provide additional training in reading, writing and listening with the dual-track structure. This unique approach also allows you to adapt the material to suit different course lengths and needs.

  • Get your students to their learning destination
    Help students understand what they are learning and why: the GSE learning objectives aligned to the CEFR build their confidence and increase their motivation. No other course is so focused on helping learners achieve the goals for each lesson and showing their tangible progress.

  • Mediation resources and activities to use in class
    Activities are mapped with CEFR mediation can-do-statements to help you identify useful exercises to practise mediation in class. All activities are listed by lesson and by unit in the mediation booklet.

  • Easy to use resources mean success as a teacher
    Easy-to-teach lessons supported with clear instructions for explotation and explanation of tricky language points, plus ideas for extension and homework activities. A huge range of additional materials, including videos, photocopiable games and activities, online and mobile practice activities, can all add spice to your lessons.

Providing you with support on mediation with resources and activities to use in class

10 mediation activities ready to be used in your classes!
Covering intralingual and interlingual approaches, these are available for oral and written mediation, and carefully designed to meet your students' level. These activities are an extension of the materials in Roadmap and will help your class develop the strategies and skills needed for effective linguistic mediation.
Please get in touch with your Consultant for more information.

Our activities are mapped with CEFR mediation can-do-statements to help you identify useful exercises to practise mediation in class. 

Our mediation guide is a short guide on how Roadmap can help you and support you with this.

For this purpose, we have created a digital booklet for mediation activities which:

  • Familiarises you with the new CEFR mediation descriptors
  • Lists the mediation descriptors mapped with Roadmap activities
  • Identifies useful exercises to practise mediation in class
  • Lists all activities by unit, lesson and page number

All activities are listed by lesson and by unit in these booklets available per level. 

  • Teacher’s Book 
    The Teacher’s Book features a host of support materials to help teachers get the most out of the course, with teacher’s notes, teaching tips, grammar and vocabulary photocopiable worksheets for every unit, class audio and video scripts, word lists and answer keys.

  • Teacher’s Digital Resources
    A wide range of support materials including resources available in the Teacher’s Book, class audio, videos, scripts, answer keys and audio files.

  • Assessment package 
    Extensive range of tests: Diagnostic test, Unit tests, Mid-course test, and End-of-course test.

  • Presentation Tool 
    Fully interactive version of the Students’ Book and Workbook with integrated audio and video. Includes planning mode (with teacher’s notes) and teaching mode. Easy navigation via book page and lesson flow. Additional game activities.

  • 10 mediation activities ready to be used in your classes!
    Covering intralingual and interlingual approaches, these are available for oral and written mediation, and carefully designed to meet your students' level.These activities are an extension of the materials in Roadmap and will help your class develop the strategies and skills needed for effective linguistic mediation.
  • *NEW - Develop your academic skills lessons!
    Additional double-page lesson per unit to develop skills students will need in an academic context, plus a focus on 'future skills' that they can take beyond the classroom.
  • *NEW - How to teach Roadmap online!
    This complete guide is a treasure trove of hints and tips on how to teach online, with specific guidance for Roadmap.
    View our guide HERE



Roadmap Pearson English Portal Walkthrough

What are teachers saying about Roadmap?

"Develops writing production step by step"
"A great success the use of new technologies to apply in the classroom to work the language anytime, anywhere"
"It offers the possibility of integrating new technologies through the app. A good way to encourage self-learning"
"Very nice format. Good vocabulary and good balance of skills"
"A user-friendly book. All 4 skills are balanced and well-developed"
"Great layout! Plenty of communicative exercises! Real English in use!"
"These books are useful and real. They are the perfect tool for teachers and students"
"I believe that having the chance to expand ideas and getting extra practice through and App can really make the difference"

Pearson Test Generator for EOIs
Customisable tests with content specific for new EOI system, adapted regionally and aligned with CEFR levels

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