Your World

Graham Fruen
Sandy Zervas
Carolyn Barraclough
Bob Hastings
with Tim Roberts

English Skills for Life!

Your World prepares teenagers for their life ahead: it equips them with the future skills they need to enjoy their social lives, pursue their studies and succeed in their careers as citizens of the world. BBC videos cover the huge diversity of life and culture, expose learners to authentic English, inspire them to develop their language skills, build communicative competence and arouse curiosity in the world outside the classroom. The comprehensive teacher support enables teachers to adapt their teaching to the needs of individual students, whatever their ability, so every student can achieve their potential.

Pearson's new secondary course: Your World - English Skills for life!

Prepares teenagers for their life ahead

Your World helps students develop the future skills they need to pursue their studies, enjoy their social lives and succeed as citizens of the world.

Explores the diversity of life and culture

BBC videos expose learners to authentic English, motivating them to develop their language skills and communicative competence to engage with the wider world.

Helps every student to succeed

Wide range of support materials enables teachers to respond to the needs of all students, whatever their ability, so that every student can achieve their potential.

Promotes responsible global citizenship

Focus on global challenges and sustainability goals raises students’ awareness of the responsibilities of global citizenship and encourages them to consider their impact on the world.

Develops reading skills for pleasure

Explicit focus on building reading skills, together with extensive reading sections, encourages students to embrace reading for pleasure as well as for study.

Builds students’ digital competence

Fully integrated digital offer, including online practice and collaborative activities, develops students’ digital skills and enables them to function confidently in an evolving digital world.

Your World Sample Materials

You can access free samples for Your World materials so you can best see how this course suits your teaching needs. Check them out here:

For students

Students’ Book

Inspiring content and authentic BBC videos provide real learning opportunities and highlight the relevance of sustainable development goals and global citizenship for today’s teens.


In full colour, the Workbook offers language and skills practice at three levels of difficulty to consolidate and extend course content.


The Essentials component provides a simplified version of the Students’ Book in print and digital format to support students who work at a different pace.

Interactive Students’ Book and Interactive Workbook

Fully interactive digital versions of the Students’ Book and Workbook with integrated interactive activities, audio, video material and gradebook.

Extra Online Practice

Extra interactive online practice with scores recorded in the gradebook to help students review and recycle what they have learned.

Vocabulary App

With fun and motivating activities to practise and reinforce the vocabulary presented in the units.

For the teachers

Teacher’s Book 

Interleaved pages of the Students’ Book with unit-by unit teaching notes including warmers, alternative suggestions, audio and video scripts, answer keys and additional activities for dealing with mixed-level classes.


Includes references to competences, Learning Experiences (Situaciones de Aprendizaje) and Teaching Programmes aligned to the new curriculum and helps teachers navigate through the course to meet the requirements of the New Education Law.


Digital Resources 

A bank of online photocopiable resources covering Vocabulary, Grammar and Culture activities plus video exploitation. Robust Assessment Package including end-of-unit, end of term and end-of-year tests at three grades of difficulty to cater for mixed levels in the classroom, plus Essential Grammar and Vocabulary worksheets to support learners who need more help. 

Presentation Tool

A complete interactive version of the Students’ Book and Workbook with videos, interactive activities and teacher’s resources.

Test Generator

A bank of tests that also allows you to create, customise and print your own tests at the right level for your students to help monitor and improve their progress.

Introducing the Pearson English Benchmark Test


Accurately track your students’ progress over time

Part of our Connected English Learning Programme

English Benchmark provides an independent measure of learner proficiency and formative information to support planning and next steps. As students learn with Your World teachers can use the English Benchmark tests to measure their progress. After students have taken their test, teachers are given detailed recommendations of which lessons to teach next to focus on the areas that need improvement.

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