Speakout 3rd Edition

Build speaking confidence with Speakout, the brand new adult English course focusing on real-world English. This comprehensive course helps learners confidently speak English. The third edition also contains AI speaking activities.

Speakout 3rd Edition is a breath of fresh air for all those seeking up-to-date engaging content, here supported by BBC videos, a solid communication and future skills-oriented syllabus and a flexible print and digital component package.

  • Real English for outstanding skills
    Fresh, engaging and easy-to-use with outstanding integrated and solid communication skills to thrive your students' speaking confidence.
  • Authentic BBC content
    Engage your learners with authentic BBC videos to practice real-life situations.
  • Boost your learners' chances for success
    Employability skills to prepare your learners for the future. Mediation and future skills to prepare your learners for life.
  • Top-of-the-line AI for speaking practice
    Now with Speak Anywhere, one-of-a-kind speech recognition software engages your students to practice in a motivating and secure environment. Stress-free and self-study practice on-the-go.
Speakout 3rd edition

About the course

Using everyday digital lifestyle content, learners are encouraged to embrace a variety of accents to develop their English speaking skills

Speakout encourages learners to embrace English's vocal side and develop reading, writing and listening skills. The course advances overall fluency and learners' confidence to be themselves in English. Featuring integrated skills for employability, including mediation lessons and 'future skills' training to prepare learners for a changing workplace.

Learners are exposed to various languages and accents through authentic video clips to build the skills they need to express themselves confidently in real English-speaking situations. Speakout helps learners build confidence in understanding context and communicating using authentic, real-world language, engaging activities and recycling language.

The Speakout series is the go-to course for teachers looking for comprehensive four-skills coverage, emphasizing developing learners’ confidence in speaking English.




Why choose Speakout?

Reinforces learning and encourages self-study

Incorporates ‘future skills’ training

Features a variety of accents to assist with understanding practice

Sample Materials

You can access free samples for Speakout 3rd Edition materials so you can see how this course suits your teaching needs. Check them out here: 

Speakout is part of our Connected English Learning Program

Fast-track your learners’ progress:

  • Teach with Speakout
  • Assess with Benchmark Test
  • Certify with Pearson English International Certificate

Bechmark Test

Regularly measures learners’ progress to build confidence and set them on a clear and personalised learning path.

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Pearson English International Certificate

Focuses on the modern, real-life communications skill needed for your learners’ next big steps. 

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