Author(s): Fiona Beddall, Rachel Finnie, Rod Fricker, Suzanne Gaynor and Megan Roderick

Prepare students for all international exams without them even realising!

Lively and bright, Cosmic leaps from the page. Students investigate issues that appeal to them with engaging topics that really exist. Give them their technology fix using weblinks, blogs and educational games.

Download sample pages of Cosmic B1, B1+, B2 Students’ Books

Cosmic B1, B1+ and B2 Active Books:

  • Free for every student, packaged together with the Students’ book
  • All Students’ Book exercises in interactive activity format
  • Audio for all the reading texts
  • Extra practice through fun interactive games
  • Dictionary pop-ups with pronunciation audio


For students

Cosmis Student's Book B2

• Students' Book and Active Book

• Workbook and Audio CD

For the teacher

Cosmic Teacher's Book B2

• Teacher's Book and Active Teach

• Workbook Teacher's Edition and Audio CD