Please join us in a series of author webinars as we explore our innovative, new general English course for adults, Roadmap. In each webinar, the authors will focus on a different aspect of the course, show you how it's innovative, and how it can help you support your learners to progress successfully along their language journey.


Developing, not just testing, skills and mediation for EOIs

Presented by Lindsay Warwick & Brian Engquist.

Tuesday 17th Sep
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Friday 20th Sep
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Developing, not just testing, skills and mediation for EOIs

Developing language skills in our learners means breaking them down to teachable sub-skills.
This is a particular challenge for the receptive skills where we tend to provide lots of practice and test students’ understanding through comprehension questions rather than help them develop the sub-skills and strategies they need. In this workshop we’ll focus primarily on what listening sub-skills are and what strategies learners can use to listen better. We’ll try out some engaging classroom activities and look at how to stage such activities in a listening lesson to truly help our students develop their listening skills. We will then look at how similar approaches can be applied to the other three traditional skills as well as to linguistic mediation.

Lindsay Warwick
Lindsay Warwick is a teacher, trainer and materials writer. She has been teaching general English and exam preparation courses for over twenty years. She is a CELTA trainer and has delivered teacher development courses in the UK and abroad on topics such as train the trainer, using technology in the classroom and helping learners to prepare for exams. She is co-author of Pearson’s new general English series Roadmap (A2 and A2+), as well as several other books including Expert IELTS 6 (Pearson) and Gold Preliminary B1 (Pearson).


Brian Engquist
Brian Engquist has devoted nearly three decades to teaching English and training other teachers. He hopes to share his experiences and learn from others in the ELT community in an effort to improve the quality of teaching and enhance the joy of learning. He is Teacher Training Department manager for Pearson in Spain and Portugal.