Practice Tests Plus - Cambridge

Lots of practice with hints and guidance on approaching different exam tasks

Practice Tests Plus familiarises young learners with the task types, question formats and style of the test papers. The new editions include speaking test videos of candidates with examiners and extra material for classroom use. Available for all levels.

The new Key for Schools, Preliminary for Schools, First for Schools Preliminary and First Exam Mini Practice Booklets combine at a special price: two complete practice tests; detailed overviews of each exam paper; guidance, strategies and tips on each paper; full-colour visual material for the Speaking tests; and Speaking and Writing fi les with model answers and useful language.


The Multi-ROM with DVD is an invaluable teaching resource which offers...

A Speaking File:

  • A complete Speaking Test Video showing interaction with examiners.
  • Examiner’s Cut: the examiner pauses the video at critical points to give comments and advice.
  • Useful worksheets for exploitation of the videos.

A comprehensive Writing File:

  • Sample writing answers for each writing task, and examiner comments of student performance.
  • Student worksheets to guide students in writing successful written transactions.
  • Teacher’s Notes with ideas of activities to consolidate process writing skills and ensure task fulfilment.

A Listening File:

  • Which provides audio scripts for listening and teaching ideas on how to use them.
  • Printable Answer Sheets.
  • Pearson Interactive Phonetic Chart.