Gold Experience with MyEnglishLab

By Carolyn Barraclough, Kathryn Alevizos, Suzanne Gaynor, Megan Roderick and Mary Stephens

Experience – Engage – Excel!

Gold Experience is a fast-paced exam preparation and general English course that engages and motivates teenagers with its wide variety of interesting age-appropriate topics as well as content-rich CLIL topics.

• Comprehensive exam preparation towards the Cambridge for Schools examinations
Gold Experience has exam preparation built in from the start. Tasks are in the format of the exam, yet integrated seamlessly into the unit. Exam tips and the new Exam Practice Booklets provide additional practice and help.

• Engaging and motivating content
Topics are from contemporary contexts, such as the internet, social media, television and magazines, as well as content-rich CLIL topics from which students will learn about the world. Authentic TV clips and blogs take learning English and exam preparation to the next level.

• Extensive Digital Package
Full digital support package now includes MyEnglishLab with online grammar, vocabulary and skills practice and eText for all devices, including tablets. Extra online practice with additional reading, writing, speaking and listening activities helps students review and recycle what they have learned.

Why choose Gold Experience?

Master the art of teaching teens ...

Let's face it. Teaching teenagers can be fun but it’s also a challenge. Not-quite-yet-an-adult and not-still-a-child is a difficult thing to be. Teens have a true thirst for knowledge, while their interests, emotions and frustrations vary enormously. The way to get them to learn and be motivated is to use the right activities and topics for them.

Gold Experience takes care of all that. Fast-paced material ensures teens don't get bored and contexts such as the internet, social media, television and magazines are relevant to teenagers’ lives while content-rich CLIL topics help them learn about the world.

... using the technology teens love

Teens love using the internet and other media for entertainment as well as learning. With Gold Experience you'll be able to add to their thirst for technology with the interesting videos taken from authentic documentaries as well as podcasts filmed by teens.

Give them loads of extra skills practice and tests in the MyEnglishLab that goes with the course material. All their work will be automatically graded allowing you to focus on their common errors and feed back on what really matters. This way you'll be able to provide a positive learning environment in which adolescents feel happy, secure, valued and motivated to learn.

MyEnglishLab Gold Experience

Enriched Learning
Activities and practice in all skills areas, instantly graded and correlated to the Gold Experience coursebook.

Gold Experience MyEnglishLab includes all the Workbook exercises in interactive format plus extra reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, as well as practice and review tests. With instantly graded activities plus tips and feed back, students are supported and guided to successfully complete the exercises.

Flexible solutions
Assign tasks to the whole class, groups, or individual students to help them reach their goals.

Informed teaching
MyEnglishLab gives you a full learning management system with a range of practical, problem-solving teaching tools. Rely on this online learning tool to support your students effectively, using the automated feed back it offers you on your students' language strengths and weaknesses.

Everything in one place
MyEnglishLab Gold Experience includes all the Videos and Audio from the book plus all the content from the Grammar and Vocabulary Workbook and extra Skills practice, Reviews and Tests.

Manage your classes the way you always wanted
Αssign tasks to the whole class, groups or individual students depending on their needs. Use the communication tools to send messages to your students and, if you wish, keep in contact outside of class.

Find out instantly how individual students and the whole class are progressing at the click of a button. Print the gradebook reports to show them to the parents of your students.

Offer each one of your students the special attention you want them to have
When your students use MyEnglishLab for online practice, you instantly get access to a wide range of useful diagnostic tools. Automated Common Error reports (for individual students or the whole class) and instant feedback on all activities plus model answers will help you focus on the real needs of your students.

How will my Students get access to MyEnglishLab?

The MyEnglishLab is sold as a package together with the Students' Book.

How will I get access to MyEnglishLab?

Request your free Teacher’s Access code at your local Pearson office.

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For students

Gold Experience Student's Book witd Multi-ROM B1+


Students’ Book with Multi-ROM

Topic-based units off er thorough input and practice of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, with topic vocabulary and grammar presented in situations which exemplify their meaning and use.



Gold Experience Student's Book With MyEnglishLab B1+

Coursebook with MyEnglishLab

Gold Experience MyEnglishLab includes all the Workbook exercises in interactive format plus extra reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, all the videos as well as practice and review tests.

Gold Experience Skills Workbook B1+

Language and skills Workbook

With full Grammar, Vocabulary and practice of all skills in every unit, the new Workbook will give further practice of all the language and skills students see in the Students’ Book lessons.


Gold Experience Student's eText B1+

Students’ eText

Digital version of the Coursebook for use online or offline, on laptops, iPads or other tablets. Also available with MyEnglishLab.

For the teacher

Gold Experience Teacher's Book B1+

Teacher’s Book

Step-by-step guidance on how to use Gold Experience in the blended classroom. It includes full teaching notes with answer key and audio scripts, as well as ideas for additional and alternative activities.

Online Teacher’s Resource Material

All the support a busy teacher needs is available online on the Pearson portal including teaching notes, photocopiable worksheets and unit, mid- and end-of-year tests.

Gold Experience Class Audios CDs B1+

Class Audio CDs

Full class audio available on CD or online via the Teacher’s Online Resource Materials.

Gold Experience Teacher's eText B1+

Teacher’s IWB Software

Interactive whiteboard software providing everything you need on one disc or online, including full coursebook with interactive activities and show-answers, printable resources and games to practice vocabulary and grammar for every unit.