English Adventure Intensive Edition

By Cristiana Bruni, Izabella Hearn, José Luis Morales 

Motivate to Educate!

With over 3 million copies sold in more than 50 countries, English Adventure has brought magic and joy to thousands of teachers and students around the world!

Downloadable Sample Units and Class Audio

Based on the Multiple Intelligences theory this excitingly productive course addresses all types of learners through a variety of ways to present new materials and a wide range of activity types:

  • Special focus on cross-cultural and cross-curricular connections, ideal for content-based teaching.
  • Picture Dictionary in every level.
  • Carefully balanced content that grows with your students and their changing interests.
  • Disney characters and stories used to teach values and life-long learning skills.
  • Free Music & Stories CD with Student's Book levels 1-4.
  • Free Reader + reading comprehension activities in the Student's Book for levels 5 & 6.
Material for 3+ hours of English a week
Content and Language Integrated Learning
Beginner- Pre Intermediate
6-11 years

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