By Jeanne Perrett, Charlotte Covill and Gabrielle Pritchard

Whoohoo! It's Yazoo

Yazoo is an exciting four-level course for young learners. Children will meet the loveable Yazoo animals and share their adventure in every level of the course. Bring smiles to the classroom with a variety of activities, songs, and games while learning English. A strong grammar syllabus combined with clear communication and skills development gives students everything they need to succeed.

Downloadable Sample Units and Class Audio

Music, stories and content development are at the heart of each lesson.

  • Memorable lessons integrate skills and content in clear and meaningful ways.
  • Active learning: catchy songs, fun tasks and characters engage children in a cheerful learning experience.
  • Further reading input is provided in the “Story Time” lessons.
  • An end-of-year school show makes your students the stars of the show.
  • Phonics awareness is promoted through activities and songs, and developed in each review lesson.
  • The Yazoo Band comes to life on the exciting CD-ROMs, which feature fun exercises, games and karaoke songs!
  • A built-in picture dictionary with stickers makes vocabulary practice fun.



A digital multimedia experience of the paper book.

On an Interactive Whiteboard(IWB), it is a wonderful presentation tool for teachers, which offers full functionality as a teaching tool, as well as access to printable Teacher resources.

For the pupil

Yazoo pupil's book level 1

• Pupil's Book and Pupil's CD

• Activity Book and CD-ROM

For the teacher

Yazoo teacher's Guide b Junior

• Teacher's Guide

• Class CDs

• Vocabulary Flashcards

• Active Teach