By Tamzin Thompson, David Todd, Sandy Zervas, Erika Stiles

Don't wait for tomorrow, learn!

Today! is a media-rich English language course that helps teach mixed-ability classes. It takes into account that no two students are the same in their learning styles and allows you to tailor learning to individual needs.

• Help students use English
Develop eff ective student communication with real life situations in the interactive videos. Help students pick up essential grammar easily with fun animations and learn pronunciation from a native speaker. And encourage students to speak and write with communication lessons based on real life situations.

• Shape learning
Shape learning around individual students’ needs with graded diffi culty practice for mixed-ability classes. Keep fast-fi nishers engaged with optional activities. Meet the needs of dyslexic students with teacher support materials and adapted tests.

• Motivate students
Interactive activities, audio and video clips keep your students and you engaged. The interactive practice exercises in MyEnglishLab provide students with immediate feedback, which improves learning outcomes. Students can continue to learn outside the classroom with the Students’ eText on their mobile devices and computers.

Downloadable Sample Units and Class Audio

For pupils

Today Student's Book 2

• Students' Book

• Activity Book

• Students' Book with MyEnglishLab

• Students' eText

• Students' eText with MyEnglishLab

For the teacher

Today Teacher's book 2

• Teacher's Book and DVD Pack

• Class Audio CDs

• Teacher eText

• Teacher MyEnglishLab

• Teacher eText with MyEnglishLab

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