Real-world language for business skills

Business Partner is an eight-level business English course that teaches real-world language and business skills. With this course, students will learn through authentic up-to-date business content, innovative video-based communication training and effective language and skills development. Business Partner offers a flexible, modular approach to personalise what students learn.

  • Authentic videos with expert commentary on key business

    Business Partner’s engaging video clips introduce key business topics such as brands and marketing, problems and solutions, logistics, working abroad and entrepreneurship, exposing students to authentic English and real business issues.
  • Innovative video-based communication skills training
    Through video-based communication skills training lessons, Business Partner develops awareness of different communication styles and how to deal with various situations, including supporting teamwork, listening actively, collaborating, solving problems and influencing.
  • Practical training in functional business skills
    Business skills lessons offer practical training in using functional business skills such as presentations, negotiations, building relationships, and small talk.
  • Financial Times content on a wide variety of topics
    Authentic Financial Times articles build on the topics discussed in the video and offer additional insights into the business world.
Business Partner
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Bob Dignen
Iwonna Dubicka
Evan Frendo
Mike Hogan
Lewis Lansford
Margaret O’Keeff e
Marjorie Rosenberg
Ros Wright

8 levels
CEFR: A1 - C1

Business Partner Sample Materials

Business Partner Workbook

Real life business content

  • Authentic video content introduces unit topics, exposing students to real English and the sorts of issues they may encounter in their careers. 
  • Financial Times articles provide reading practice to build on the topics discussed in the videos, further exposing students to authentic English.
  • Students work on case studies that allow them to practise their business and communication skills in realistic professional contexts.

For students

Features eight units with five lessons each including eight case study business workshop lessons.
Pronunciation practice for each unit, detailed grammar reference and a glossary of key business vocabulary.

Interactive self-study Workbook with automatic feedback and gradebook.

Digital Resources (available on the MyEnglishLab platform)
These digital resources include video clips and scripts, audio recordings and scripts, extra activities, reading bank, writing bank, functional language bank and my Self-Assessment for students to record their progress.

Additional self-study practice activities (based on the structure of the Coursebook), including: vocabulary, grammar, functional language, reading, listening and writing.
Additional self-study pronunciation practice activities, answer key, and audio scripts.

For the teacher

Teacher’s Resource Book
Featuring teaching lesson notes including warm-ups, alternative suggestions, background and culture notes. Business brief for every unit with information on the unit topic and explanations of key terminology. Photocopiable activities. Reading bank, Writing bank and Functional language bank. Video and audio scripts; and Answer keys.

Access code in the Teacher’s Resource Book includes: Interactive Workbook, Student digital resources, Teacher’s Book resources and Tests.

Active Teach for IWB
Interactive Whiteboard software with the digital version of the Coursebook, full content of the Teacher’s Resource Book, Workbook resources and Tests.