Speakout 2nd Edition

By Antonia Clare, Frances Eales, Steve Oakes and J.J. Wilson

Real English in your classroom

Speakout is a comprehensive General English course for young adultsand adults. It features BBC content throughout and helps learners increase their confidence in all skill areas, with a strong focus on spoken and written communication.

Speakout’s two new levels build on the existing course to bring youhigh-interest content at Intermediate Plus and Advanced Plus.

New levels speakout 2nd edition

Speakout’s balanced approach to topics and language develops skills systematically, building students’ confidence to communicate effectively.

Authentic Language, Real Communication
Speakout 2nd edition offers engaging content using authentic BBC material to really bring topics to life and motivate students to learn. BBC programmes and BBC street interviews expose learners to real language and different varieties of English.

Gets students talking
Speakout 2nd edition provides everything your students need to go into the real world and truly ’speak out’, through plenty of opportunities to personalise language and discuss topics which are meaningful and relevant to them.

Study Booster for Spanish-speaking learners of English
Speakout 2nd edition also features extra support for your students, with new content specifically designed to build the skills and knowledge of Spanish speaking learners to help them communicate confidently in English.

Speakout Extra
Speakout Extra is the best resource to provide you with everything you need to personalise and support your teaching. It gives you a range of additional practice materials to help your learners get the most out of their English classes.

Downloadable Sample Units

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Student's Book Student's Book Student's Book Student's Book Student's Book Student's Book Student's Book Student's Book
  Workbook   Workbook Workbook     Workbook

New in the second edition

• Wonderful new material from the BBC to motivate learners, in the form of authentic BBC video clips and ‘on the street’ interviews that expose learners to a variety of different genres and accents.

New reading and listening texts that reflect what learners come across outside the classroom and expose them to a wider variety of international accents.

A stronger grammar and pronunciation syllabus with a wider range of pronunciation features to help students communicate confidently in a real English-speaking environment.

New Speakout 2nd edition Study Booster, with self study material which focuses on the challenges faced by Spanish learners through tips and explanations, as well as additional skills practice to help learners build their confidence in English.

New Speakout Extra resources, available online and in print, full of additional grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and skills practice, as well as activities for exploiting the BBC clips and interviews.

New Speakout 2e Assessment package including new placement tests and unit tests as well as mid and end of course tests to assess your students’ progress.

A new, clear design to make every page easier to navigate while striking new visuals capture students’ attention and prompt language practice.

Speakout starter
speakout elementary
speakout pre-intermediate
speakout intermediate
speakout upper-intermediate
speakout advanced
speakout intermediate plus
speakout advanced plus

For the Students

Speakout 2nd edition student's book

Students’ Book with DVD-ROM

Speakout Second Edition Students’ Book places particular emphasis on communicative skills. Each unit has a functional lesson which develops useful communication skills as well as a motivating BBC DVD spread which is designed to revise key language and act as a springboard for further speaking and writing tasks.

Speakout Study Booster Upper Intermediate

Study Booster for Spanish-speaking learners of English

The new Study Booster contains extra practice material for self study, including tips and explanations on the challenges faced by Spanish learners of English as well as a whole range of additional grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and writing practice directly related to the Students’ Books.

Split edition

The split edition includes half a coursebook and half of the equivalent workbook, and is perfect for short and intensive courses.

Speakout Etext

Students’ eText

The digital version of the Coursebook for use online or offline, on laptops, iPads or other tablets.

Speakout with MEL student's book

Coursebook with MyEnglishLab

MyEnglishLab provides a fully blended and personalized learning environment for students. It includes the online interactive Workbook with instant feedback and automatic gradebook to assess students’ progress. Tips and feedback encourage students to work out answers themselves.

Speakout 2nd edition Workbook


The Workbook contains a wide variety of review and practice exercises and covers all of the language areas in the corresponding Students’ Book unit. It also contains regular review sections to help learners consolidate what they have learned.

For the teachers

Teacher’s Book with Resource and Assessment disc

Teacher’s notes for every unit include warmers, fillers, alternative suggestions, culture notes and answer keys. The Assessment disc allows you to assess and track students’ progress with a full range of printable and customizable tests.

Speakout Extra

A complete bank of additional resources designed to help you maximize your valuable teaching time, providing all the materials you need to boost your teaching experience and to help your students achieve their language goals.

Available online and in print, this unbeatable range of supplementary materials consists of:

• Extra practice of Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, Writing, Listening and Reading.

• DVD Extra, providing extra video exploitation activities to help earners get the most out of the Speakout BBC clips.

Speakout Active Teach

Active Teach

Interactive whiteboard software providing everything you need on one disc, including full coursebook and workbook with interactive activities and show-answers, extra resources in every unit, grammar and vocabulary review games and useful tools.

Speakout CD-ROM

Class Audio CDs

Full audio to accompany the Coursebook.

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