Interactive Students’ Books

Ensure your students have access to their course content in every learning environment - face-to-face, blended and fully online – with our interactive Students’ Books powered by Pearson English Portal and Blink Learning. The rich digital content of our interactive Students’ Books is accessible both online and offline and from any device (laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc.).

  • Allow students to access all multimedia content from their course and practice with interactive activities.
  • Content gets synced across multiple devices.
  • Highlighting and annotating and many other study and reading tools enhance students’ learning.

Pearson Interactive Students’ Books are available together with all Print Students’ Books and also as standalone version. Check out our online catalogue or contact us for further information.

Interactive Students’ Workbooks

Help students review and recycle what they have learned in class with our Interactive Workbooks. Powered by MyEnglishLab, Pearson English Portal, and Blink Learning our Interactive Workbooks provide additional online practice with instant feedback.

  • Interactive and multimedia exercises and tests engage and motivate students
  • Automated marking promotes student’s independent learning 
  • Students can assess their learning by checking their progress in the online gradebook
  • Ideal for blended learning and fully online courses


Learning Apps

Our learning Apps enable students to develop their English knowledge and skills anytime and anywhere on their mobile devices.


Learning Apps

Poptropica English World & English Island Adventure

Poptropica English World & English Island Adventure are safe, engaging and highly-motivating environments for Primary learners where pupils meet the characters from their Pupil’s Book plus a host of other exciting characters and follow them on an adventure.

  • Provides an interactive experience where children learn and revise through play and absorb English without even realising it.

All Poptropica English series are enriched with these digital components. For further information, check out our online Primary catalogue or get in touch with us.