Presentation Tools

Enhance the learning experience of your students by using an interactive Presentation Tool: Active Teach, Active Teach Plus or Pearson English Portal. Available offline and online, these tools support your teaching in every learning environment, on Interactive White Boards during face-to-face learning or via videoconferencing tools in online courses. Our presentation tools allow you to save time, customise your lessons and increase your student’s engagement:

- Single access point to interactive Students’ Book and Workbook, class audio and video resources
- Interactive activities to support language development
- Extra features that enrich your teaching and help on focusing students’ attention
- Review games to reinforce the course contents
- Assessment activities and tests to evaluate students’ progress
- Printable worksheets

All Pearson courses are accompanied by a Presentation Tool available in Active Teach, Active Teach Plus or Pearson English Portal format. For further information of each Presentation Tool format, please check out our online catalogue or contact us.

Active Teach for IWB offers teachers the convenience of in-class access to textbooks, class audio and DVD, printable worksheets, interactive exercises, assessment activities and tests, and more.

Presentation Tool for Interactive Whiteboards to help you enhance the learning experience

Interactive activities to support language development

Review games and extra features that provide interest and motivation

Active Teach allows you to save your work and customise your lessons


Via the Pearson English Portal, you can access MyEnglishLab. Here you can access Pearson course content online, with the added benefits of automated marking and extra support for students.

MyEnglishLab is digital solution to create an online class, manage your students, assign them activities, see where they need improvement and personalise their learning journey.

With instant feedback that help you check your student’s performance

Pearson Teacher’s Place

Pearson Teacher’s Place is an exclusive space where you will find all the Teacher’s Resource Materials you’ll need for your classes: teaching notes, tests, photocopiable worksheets, audio resources, etc.

Includes access to Pearson Live for Real World and Exam Focus users, an exclusive service for schools which provides support for professional development and extra teaching resources every term for your classes.

Test Generator

The Test Generator is a tool to easily create and customise your own tests at the right level for your students.

Comprehensive and customisable assessment package
Authoring tools which allow teachers to create their own tests