Secondary Courses

Next Move

Preparing the next generation for new skills ans new goals

Next Move: MyEnglishLab provides interactive activities and powerful online tools to get the most of the course outside class, providing students with instant feedback and automatic marking and teachers with diagnostic tools to see how students are progressing and identify which areas need extra attention.

Next Move: eText+ features great digital content delivered online to any device or downloadable to a tablet. It includes all the coursebook material with integrated audio, extra web links and great interactive activities with immediate feedback and results that can go to you schools learning platform.

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Live Beat


Live Beat is a new four-level course that keeps teenage students motivated and focused to achieve better learning outcomes. It builds on the successful approach used by the same authors in the bestselling Upbeat course.

Students can enter the course at any of the four levels. Levels 2, 3 and 4 include starter units to revise and consolidate the key grammar and vocabulary before moving on.

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My Life

Bright, innovative, easy-to-use four-level ESO course reflecting the lives and experiences of modern teenagers.

The educational, methodological and technological answer to the real needs of today's ESO teachers and students.

The NEW My Life Test Generator Online for ESO allows you to create your own ready-to-use tests at the click of a mouse.

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Upper-Secondary Courses


Focus on your real goals!

Provides the best tools to prepare learners to pass end of school exams or other relevant

Digital tools such us eText and MyEnglishLab helps students to address their weaknesses and
build on their strengths, so they know where they stand in relation to their learning outcomes.

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For schools looking for a more demanding course and students who have come through secondary education with a solid base to build on.

Choose between fully-digital delivery or print components for your students, or alternatively bring components together for the perfect blended learning experience.

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This chart is designed to show where each of our products fit with the CEFR.This will helpyou to choose the course which best fits your students’ needs.

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