Pearson Teacher Training Morning: Exploring the road to success in Madrid

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  • Hotel Iberostar Las Letras • Calle Gran Vía
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If you’re a teacher looking for inspiration, ideas for class, or the latest trends, you’ll find it all here in a relaxed, professional atmosphere.

10:00 • 10:30 Registration
10:30 • 11:30 Practical ways to develop your learners’ skills. Damian Williams
11:30 • 12:00 Coffee
12:00 • 13:00 In one ear and out the other? Deconstructing listening. Brian Engquist


Practical ways to develop your learners’ skills

How can we truly develop our learners receptive and productive skills in the classroom and ensure we’re not just providing practice? In this talk we’ll look at what’s involved in using different skills to communicate successfully, and what practical tools learners need in order to develop each skill.

We will look at the sub-skills involved, and what strategies we need to develop each one. We’ll then look at how we can teach these strategies with activities which will be of immediate practical use to teachers in their classrooms.

Damian Williams
Damian Williams is an author, writer and teacher trainer based in the UK. He has worked in Russia, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, UK, Argentina and Brazil. He has written several major components for Pearson on courses such as Cutting Edge and Speakout.
His current interests lie in exploiting the urban linguistic landscape as a language learning resource and developing skills through course materials. Damian is the co-author of the general English series Roadmap A2 and A2+

In one ear and out the other? Deconstructing listening

Isn’t listening a piece of cake? You press play, do the questions, check the answers and move on to something productive! In this session we’ll delve much deeper. What specific skills do our students need to develop to become good listeners, both for exams and in general? What activities lend themselves to the development of these skills?
Let’s find out.

Brian Engquist
Brian Engquist has devoted nearly three decades to teaching English and training other teachers. He hopes to share his experiences and learn from others in the ELT community in an effort to improve the quality of teaching and enhance the joy of learning. He is Teacher Training Department manager for Pearson in Spain and Portugal.

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Brian Engquist

Damian Williams