Pearson & Anaya Training Event for English Teachers Valencia

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If you’re a teacher looking for inspiration, ideas for class, or the latest trends, you’ll find it all here in a relaxed, professional atmosphere.


Let’s gamify your classroom
Want to make your classes more fun and improve student learning? Fun and games are sometimes seen as sideshows to the ‘real work’ that goes on in class. However, gamifying our lessons can get students motivated and working hard if done properly.

This session will teach you how to gamify. From handmade activities to digital offerings, from simple gameshow quizzes to more elaborate Escape Rooms, this session will give you lots of activities your pupils are sure to love.

Every child matters: mixed ability at Primary
Help! There’s such a range of abilities in my class! How can I challenge my stronger students without the weaker ones getting left behind? Primary teachers know every child matters, but it’s sometimes difficult to attend to every child in a heterogeneous class. This practical session will propose strategies and activities which foster civic competence, build self-esteem and allow ALL students to reach their own potential.


Connecting with the video generation
For entertainment, interacting with friends, or just trying to make sense of the world, the medium of choice for today’s teens is video. The implications for our classes are clear: If we want to engage with them and help them learn more effectively, video is a vital ingredient. But which videos should we choose? How can we best present them in our classes to make them both fun and educational? And what tools are available to get our students to actively produce their own videos? In this session we will provide practical activities to deal with these and other questions.

A recipe for Upper Secondary success
Upper Secondary students (and teachers) have their hands full juggling internal school exams, external exams to certify their level and university entrance exams. Ensuring success will involve building the necessary skills and strategies all the while maintaining student motivation to learn and improve. In this talk we’ll look at a range of activities which provide our students with the tools they need to succeed while retaining the fun factor that should still be present at secondary level.

As places are limited, we suggest you complete the online registration before the 28th of March.

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