Pearson Morning for Teachers at Adult Learner Centres Valencia

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Hotel Barceló Valencia Salón Celeste II Av. de França 11 - 46023 Valencia

09.30 - 10.00 Registration 
10.00 - 11.00 Seven Ways to Boost Your Learners' Confidence. Frances Eales
11.00 - 11.30 Coffee / Refreshments
11.30 - 12.30 Making the Grade at C1. Elena Merino
12.30 - 13.30 Felicidad en mi aula. Jose Negueruela

Seven Ways to Boost Your Learners’ Confidence

Although speaking in English is invariably something that learners want to do, many find that lack of confidence remains a barrier to their learning. This session will look at possible causes for this reticence and demonstrate motivating practical activities to help boost learners’ confidence to become better English speakers.

Frances Eales
Frances Eales is an experienced teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer who has worked in the UK, Hungary, Germany, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Hong Kong and Thailand. She is co-author of the Cutting Edge Series and an author of Speakout, a general adult course from Pearson and the winner of the English Speaking Union Duke of Edinburgh prize for best new book in English language teaching in 2011.
She also set up and wrote the British Council/International House Distance DELTA course for experienced teachers and works on the design and assessment of teaching and training exams for Cambridge ESOL. She now teaches and trains in Brighton, where her interests include hill-walking, singing and practising qi-gong in the garden every morning at six.

Making the Grade at C1

4 out of 5 job adverts in Spain demand English, but what level do our students need to reach? While a B2 might have secured employment 20 years ago, a ferociously competitive job market and a veritable boom in English teaching mean that C1 is fast becoming the new standard in professional and academic contexts. Can we pinpoint the fundamental differences between a B2 learner and a C1? What are the specific skills our students will need to pass a C1 level high-stakes exam, and how might we best go about developing them?

Elena Merino
Elena Merino is a Teacher Trainer for Pearson and teacher at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya. She’s worked as a teacher for twelve years in different contexts and for different types of students and learning styles. PhD in Communication and Multilingual Education, she’s concerned about meaningful tasks that engage students to communicate in English.

Felicidad en mi aula

Indagaremos en las pistas que la Psicología positiva nos da para acercarnos a la felicidad y cómo poder aplicarlas en nuestra vida y aterrizarlo en nuestra aula.
¿Qué es la felicidad? ¿Qué nos acerca a ella? ¿De qué factores depende? Podremos diseñar nuestro propio Plan de acción para hacer de nuestro entorno un lugar más feliz.

Jose Negueruela es coach ACC por ICF, coach ejecutivo certificado por el programa ACTP de la Escuela Europea de Coaching y especialista en IECoaching® Educativo. Socio fundador de Camino a OZ, empresa de formación en Coaching educativo y de Mr. Change, empresa de servicios de formación, consultoría y coaching. Secretario de PLACED, Plataforma de Coaching Educativo. Licenciado en C.C.E.E. con formación en Psicología Positiva y Comunicación No Violenta. Figura como miembro del grupo profesional de coaching LIDERANDO y ha sido miembro de la Comisión de Coaching Educativo de ICF.

Hotel Barceló Valencia Salón Celeste II Av. de França 11 - 46023 Valencia

As places are limited, please confirm your attendance before the 18th of April.