The adoption of health prevention measures due to the recent Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak has led to a temporary interruption of education activities in many regions, an unfamiliar situation for students, teachers and families.

Our mission at Pearson is to help people make progress in their lives through learning and due to these unexpected circumstances we want to offer all our support and do everything possible to ensure that teaching and learning can continue as smoothly as possible during this period of uncertainty.

And so our Km Zero project begins: a collection of ideas and tools to help teachers, students and families deal with this situation, exploiting the potential of digital learning environments: webinars, video lessons, educational resources and multimedia content – all delivered remotely.  We are always looking to find the best ways to support you at these critical times.

Training on distance learning

Training videos and useful articles to help you implement distance learning and deliver your English classes remotely from home.

Access to your Pearson course materials from home

All Pearson courses offer online access to materials in digital format both for students and for teachers.

Online training for English teachers

You’ll find a complete library of resources to develop your skills as an English teacher.

Resources for teachers & families

Educational resources for teachers and families to support remote learning and keep students and children engaged.

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Visit our blog where you will find guidance, ideas and resources to mitigate against any disruption to the running of your school during these days.

Mindfulness and wellbeing

Useful resources to maintain positive mental wellbeing and manage personal stress and anxiety in challenging situations.

Training on distance learning

Training webinars and videos

Reading and writing just got exciting!

Phil Brownsword
Reading and writing are tested extensively in external and university entrance exams, but our lessons to develop these skills needn’t be dull! In this talk we’ll look at some activities that will get our students working collaboratively to get better at reading and writing – activities that will improve their skills and bring our lessons to life.

Getting to grips with feedback and assessment online

Michael Brand
We’ve moved to teaching online, so it follows that feedback and assessment need to be dealt with remotely too. This transition has thrown up challenges but also opportunities for us teachers to add more strings to our assessment bow. In this webinar we’ll consider practical ways of dealing with both formative and summative assessment in an online setting.

Breathe some life into your online classroom

Harry Waters
With our lessons having been moved online at short notice, secondary teachers have had to learn fast. In this webinar we look to provide support. We'll consider how to get the most out of our existing course material in an online sitting - which activities make sense? Which might we need to tweak? We'll also look at some handy online tools and consider how to motivate our learners, all with the aim of teaching online and winning.

Every student matters: mixed ability at Secondary

Alyssa Alexander
Help! There’s such a range of abilities in my class! Lots of my students need extra support and some need extra challenge! Secondary teachers know every student matters, but it’s sometimes difficult to attend to everyone in a diverse class. How can scaffolding help us? How can we best utilize collaborative learning? What about digital tools? This practical session will propose strategies and activities to help us meet the demands of a mixed ability class.

Pearson English Spring Webinars

We invite you to join us for our Pearson English Spring Days online learning event. Taking place from 4th – 15th May, 2020, you’ll be able to learn from over 40 webinar sessions from more than 20 leading experts in ELT, including plenaries from Jeremy Harmer and Dr. Ken Beatty.

How to teach exam students online?

This webinar discusses the tools and strategies required to help motivate and maintain focus for exam students studying in an online classroom environment.

We’ll be looking at techniques on how to encourage student-directed learning (SDL) and self-motivation, as well as ways to assign tasks and give feedback.

How to teach exam students online with Gold Experience?

As many teachers and students are currently moving their classes online, Billie Jago will deliver a webinar to share useful tools and strategies to motivate exam students and help them maintain focus.

Distance Teaching and Learning: Useful Tips for Making it Work 

By Dr Ken Beatty

In this webinar, Dr. Ken Beatty, an expert on online teaching and learning, will focus on the needs of teachers and learners of all ages and at all levels. He'll explore how to get organized, plan effectively, stay motivated and keep learners engaged and answer key questions about online distance learning.

Digital Solutions for Online Learning

By Christina Cavage

Learn how you can leverage digital tools to deliver course content in an online environment. This session covers the how-to’s of using MyEnglishLab and other tools to keep your course moving and your students motivated.


Using Versant Placement Test as a Home-Based Assessment

By Nick Laul

Is your program in need of a home-based testing solution that will allow you to assess your students’ English language skills if your primary test is not available? In this session, you will learn about Versant Placement Test and how you can implement it with your program.

MyEnglishLab: Your Solution for Anytime, Anywhere Learning 

By Janay Phillips

MyEnglishLab, a Language Management System, provides solutions for distance learning, anytime, anywhere. This session will walk you through the steps of registering your product, creating a course, and utilizing the wide array of tools available within MyEnglishLab.

How to deliver an engaging online lesson to teenage learners webinar

By Michael Brand

In this webinar, we’ll look at how can we continue our lessons with teens in an online setting. We’ll consider planning, pre-lesson tasks and follow-up, digital delivery tools and platforms, the use of video and ways to build in interaction all with the aim of helping English teachers of teens to find their feet in the world of online teaching.


Short videos: Useful tips for making it work

Our online teaching expert, Dr. Ken Beatty, has created this series of seven short videos to help inspire you and offer practical advice when taking a distance learning approach.

Going Online with Pearson Digital Tools

With the Pearson digital resources, you can transition your course online and ensure your students have the resources they need to continue learning.

The following roadmap will help you utilize MyEnglishLab in conjunction with eTexts and Active Teach in your online course delivery, both synchronously and asynchronously.

A handy guide to teaching online

Lindsay Warwick helps us to get started with teaching online with this handy ‘first steps guide’. You’ll find practical advice on transfering your face-to-face teaching environment into an online setting, how to choose the right tools, how to achieve learning objectives and how to engage learners in an online lesson.

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Pearson English Portal

Follow our blog to find the latest updates

Don’t forget to visit our blog where you will find guidance, ideas and resources to mitigate against any current or potential disruption to the running of your school during these days. 

Online training for English teachers

Pearson Academy

Pearson Academy training videos. Besides the webinars already scheduled for March and April, you’ll find a complete library of all our webinars held to date on how to develop your skills as an English teacher. 

Visit the Pearson Academy >>

Teaching career skills into your classroom

How can we best prepare students for the world of work? Education is not just about preparing students to succeed at specific subjects, but also about preparing them to contribute to society. A key part of this is what is often called ‘career skills’, or those skills which will make our students valued employees and colleagues.
Join Rachael for a series of training videos which explore how you can implement teaching career skills into your classroom

• 1st video: Teaching communication skills >>

• 2nd video: Teaching planning, prioritizing and organizing skills >>

• 3rd video: Teaching decision-making skills >>

• 4th video: Teaching leadership skills >>

• 5th video: Teaching teamwork skills >>



Digital Citizenship Online course

With more work than ever before happening online, possessing the skills and tools to work on digital platforms is no longer only an advantage, but has become vitally important. The 21st-century digital citizen understands the consequences of his or her online actions and can confidently and effectively navigate the ever-increasing online world.

We are offering free 60-day access to our Digital Citizenship Online course.

Resources for teachers & families


RTVE EduClan: educational videos

We´re working together with RTVE in Spain to provide audiovisual educational content for children from 3 to 10 years old to help them continue their English learning during these critical times.

Free access to Poptropica English Word Games App for Primary Learners

Play in a world populated with Poptropica English characters where learning English vocabulary is easy and fun. Build towns and compete in exciting games.

This app comes with our Primary courses Poptropica English and Potropica English Islands coursesFind out more information here.

Free access to Poptropica English Islands Adventure Game for Primary Learners

An interactive online experience where pupils meet Poptropica characters, learn through play and absorb English without even realising it!

This game comes with our Primary courses Poptropica English and Potropica English Islands courses. Find out more information here

Free Grammar resources for Adult Learners

Find downloadable grammar resources for adult learners with the Global Scale of English Teacher Toolkit.

The GSE Teacher Toolkit is a free, online database that brings together learning objectives, grammar and vocabulary in one place, all mapped to the GSE and CEFR.

Online Resources

A wide variety of resources available online for you and for your students: student course resources, classroom resources, webinars, podcasts, and much more.

Mindfulness and wellbeing

Take a deep breath and join us on this new webinar: Family Meditation: how to support your family’s mental health

Join Amy Malloy for a supportive exploration of how and why our family can respond in stressful times, with practical ideas and takeaways to help support positive mental health for the whole family.

First steps to mindfulness

Mindfulness practice teaches us to pay proper attention to our thoughts, emotions, sensations, in a state of calm and clear vision that allows us to make the best decisions for any purposes.
Here you’ll find a short video from Ashley Lodge, Pearson's expert in the practice of Mindfulness in the workplace, a PDF to download and an audio recording to try mindfulness at home.

When mindfulness meets the classroom

Amy Malloy introduces what mindfulness is and how to apply it in the classroom. You’ll a podcast to discuss how mindfulness can be built into ELT practice, a series of training videos with practical activities and guided meditations to try and handouts for use in class and much more.