For teachers

Focus offers you the widest range of materials:

  • Teacher's GuideTeacher's 
  • Resource File
  • Class Audio CDs
  • Active Teach for IWB
  • MyEnglishLab
  • Test Generator Online (Compatible IE 11 (vista compatibilidad), Safari, Firefox)

The exclusive Speaking section

  • Includes a wide range of different activity types: photo description, photo comparison, role plays, interviews, etc.
  • Offers teachers detailed assessment criteria for all the speaking activities.
  • Provides students with model answers and useful expressions to help create their own answers.

Extra Practice Worksheets and Projects

Extra Practice Worksheets

• Help students practise and revise the language presented in the coursebook.
• Certain types of language grouped together so that students can examine them in one place by comparing and contrasting meaning and use.
• They also extend language presented in the units by adding one or two new learning points.

Extra Practice Projects

Projects are an ideal opportunity for students to develop multiple competences such as learning to learn, use of technology, collaborative work and initiative and entrepreneurship.

• Three projects for each level with suggestions in the teaching notes.
• With projects, students put into practice the English they have learnt on the course and you can observe how they are progressing.
• These projects have final products in which students have to present a final piece of work, which can be a presentation and/or a piece of writing supported by images.


MyEnglishLab provides interactive activities and powerful online tools to get the most of the course outside class, providing learners with instant feedback and automatic marking and teachers with diagnostic tools. These tools help teachers to see how students are progressing and identify which areas need extra attention.

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Active Teach

Active Teach is software for an Interactive Whiteboard or a computer and projector.
Load it to your computer to have all your teaching resources in one place - saves time in class and makes preparation quicker!


eText features great digital content delivered online to any device or downloadable to a tablet. It includes all the coursebook material with integrated audio, extra web links and great interactive activities with immediate feedback.