Student's Book

It has a comprehensive bank of reference material that covers grammar, word building, irregular verbs, connectors and false friends and a unit-by-unit wordlist.The Students’ Book also has a complete writing reference with model texts as well as activities for extra speaking practice.

Digital Skills Trainer

The Pearson Longman Digital Skills Trainer DVD-ROM is an outstanding new tool designed to help students prepare for any exam by showing them autonomous learning techniques and providing comprehensive exams skills work and language practice.

Digital Exam Trainer

The Digital Exam Trainer is designed to provide students with supplementary interactive language and exam practice. The activities are automatically marked and can be done again and again to help students improve their performance each time. The Digital Exam Trainer includes a Speech Trainer for improving pronunciation and video material with accompanying comprehension questions.


It consolidates and build on the Students’ Book units and end-of-unit Progress Checks with an annotated answer key for self-correction. The Workbook also has its own reference section, a series of writing templates to help students plan their written work and activities to accompany the video material included on the Digital Skills Trainer.

Digital Active Workbook

An Active Workbook is a complete and interactive digital version of the course workbooks that can be used on a PC and on an IWB. It can complement the printed version of the Workbook or it can be used on its own both inside and outside the classroom.

Mp3 Audiofiles

The audio content that accompanies the Students’ Book and Workbook is available for students to download in MP3 format.

Download de audio file here: Access 1 / Access 2

CLIL Worksheets

Learn about other subjects in English!

Access 1

Unit 1. Art
Unit 2. PE
Unit 3. Literature
Unit 4. Science
Unit 5. Geology
Unit 6. History
Unit 7. Ecology & Biology
Unit 8. Physics
Unit 9. Philosophy

Access 2

Unit 1. History
Unit 2. Geography
Unit 3. Philosophy
Unit 4. Biology
Unit 5. Business Studies
Unit 6. Literature

Web Activities

There is a reading comprehension activity and a web quest for every unit.

Access 1

Access 2


A portfolio is available for students to download here

The CEF suggests that language learners keep records of their progress and achievements with a European Language Portfolio. Such portfolios provide a method of recording their language competence and cultural contacts.

The portfolio is a collection of documents, consisting of a Language Passport, Language Biography and Dossier, in which language learners record their language achievements, experiences and cultural contacts, including both formal learning in schools and other institutions and informal contact with foreign languages.

There are different official versions of the Portfolio defined for different countries and for different age groups. Although these are all broadly similar, you can find details at

This Language Portfolio has been specifically created for Access.