Students' Book

Free on adoption for every student!

New Extra Practice Book A unique source of extra practice material designed to help reinforce and further develop all the My Life core course materials.

  • Extra Reading and Listening: Worksheets to practice these two receptive skills, based on key topics from the Student´s Book.
  • Grammar and Vocabulary practice: Activities to review and reinforce key language items from each unit.
  • Extra writing practice: Activities designed to reinforce and extend writing skills and output either in class or for homework.
  • Student Learning Record & My Portfolio: Material for students to build a portfolio of their work and realistically evaluate their own progress.

Students' Book

  •  ‘Solve it’ fun problem-solving activities encourage cognitive development
  • Extra practice exercises engage fast finishers and support weaker students
  • The unique ‘Magic Bookmark’ aids memorisation of grammar. Students can place the Bookmark  over a presentation dialogue or text. The key grammar words, which are printed in red, disappear  when the bookmark is placed over them. Students then recall the missing words.
  • Across cultures’ and ‘Curriculum link’ skills lessons develop students’ knowledge of the world beyond the classroom

Digital Active Workbook – Free with the Workbook

An Active Workbook is a complete and interactive digital version of the course workbooks that can be used on a PC and on an IWB. It can complement the printed version of the Workbook or it can be used on its own both inside and outside the classroom.

Homework will be a completely new and much
more engaging experience for your students!


• Exercises at three levels of difficulty help with mixed ability.
• Extra Challenge exercises provide practice which is more open-ended
• Progress Test at end of each lesson that bring together all the language taught in the lesson
• Every unit contains a Grammar Notebook for each lesson followed by extra Grammar practice

Sample Unit

Quick Check

Useful card to review key points.

My Life Essentials

Specific books to help all your students follow your classes. Help students reach achievable goals with reduced contents. Work in parallel with Essentials and the normal Students’ Book in the same class, as they both feature the same structure and methodology.


The CEF suggests that language learners keep records of their progress and achievements with a European Language Portfolio. Such portfolios provide a method of recording their language competence and cultural contacts.

The portfolio is a collection of documents, consisting of a Language Passport, Language Biography and Dossier, in which language learners record their language achievements, experiences and cultural contacts, including both formal learning in schools and other institutions and informal contact with foreign languages.

There are different official versions of the Portfolio defined for different countries and for different age groups. Although these are all broadly similar, you can find details at

This Language Portfolio has been specifically created for My Life.

A portfolio is available for students to download here