What's up?

Starter level by Silvia Carolina TiberioLevels 1- 3 by Cathy Myers, Sarah Jackson, Didi Lynam, and Silvia Carolina Tiberio 

Relevant, complete and New!

Effective, and easy-to-teach as ever, What’s Up? Second Edition is packed with new features that will increase student involvement and communicative ability. Optional Final tasks based on Web 2.0 applications will spark their creativity and train their critical thinking skills.

Downloadable Sample Units

What’s NEW in What’s Up Second Edition?

  • Fresh NEW look.
  • NEW unit topics.
  • NEW speaking activities with clear communicative goals.
  • NEW discussion activities provide opportunities for students to express their views using simple language.
  • NEW reading texts with a variety of text types offer ample exposure to the language.
  • Updated Syllabus and Writing Section objectives aligned with curricular demands.
  • 20% NEW listening activities, with clear communication goals.
  • Extra NEW recordings that reinforce the grammar points covered in the unit.
  • Workbook updated according to the changes in the Student’s Book.

Final Tasks Plus for our 21st century learner

By bringing Web 2.0 applications into the English class, these alternative final tasks will not only increase students’ involvement and motivation - it will also help them develop their critical thinking, problem solving and communication skills.

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