Real Life

by Sarah Cunningham, Peter Moor, Martyn Hobbs, Julia Starr Keddle and Jonathan Bygrave

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Real Life brings English to Life and makes learning enjoyable and achievable through practical tasks and evocative topics. Real Life gives students English to talk about issues that are important to their lives. With a light, colourful look and feel, it is socially oriented with a focus on real people and situations. Real Life appeals to students who need a more manageable path to exam success.

Downloadable Sample Units and Class Audio

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Student's Book Student's Book Student's Book Student's Book Student's Book
Workbook Workbook Workbook Workbook Workbook
Teacher's Book Teacher's Book Teacher's Book Teacher's Book Teacher's Book

Real Life for real teens:

  • Real Life creates opportunities to use the language young people need to talk about global issues, and about their goals and dreams.
  • Functional language is presented and practised in real contexts and through photo stories.
  • It equips students with strategies for success in their educational career.

A manageable grammar syllabus and plenty of language practice provide a gentle path to exam success:

  • Key language is highlighted through the Grammar2Know, Words2Know, and Phrases2know sections.
  • Solid speaking and writing skills training and exam preparation.
  • Active Study sections offer regular grammar, vocabulary and skills revision.
  • Study tips on skills development and exam strategies notes.
  • The additional activities in the Mini Workbook at the back of the Student’s Book offer extra consolidation practice.
  • The Teacher’s Handbook provides incorporated reduced Student’s Book pages with answers and notes.

Digital Teaching Tools

Active Teach
can be used in class with the interactive whiteboard or just a projector. It provides:

  • Support for using the whiteboard in your lessons and 16 workshops on different aspects of language teaching.
  • A bank of Teacher’s Resources that offers extra photocopiable downloadable grammar, vocabulary, and skills activities, and video worksheets.
  • Zoomable areas of the Students´ Book, integrated audio, video and interactive activities.
  • A Skills Multi-ROM with extra exercises that can be used in the classroom.

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