Author(s): Michael Harris, Anna Sikorzynska.

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Choices is an Upper Secondary course aimed at 15-19 year olds. It gives teachers the flexibility to choose between different tasks within the core English learning skills and adjust the course to their students’ individual needs.

• Motivate students
Engages teenagers with favourite topics, such as video games and parties, authentic BBC and Channel 4 clips, with personalities like the talented Jamie Oliver.

• Students take control over their skills development
There is a strong focus of choice throughout the course which motivates and is a crucial element of life-long learning skills important in the 21st century as technology and jobs change rapidly. Students choose between different topics to discuss and write about, and the target functional language is presented through dialogues which can be watched or listened to.

• Online skills
Information-handling skills and critical thinking in the workbook, learning links and extra revision, practice and self-assessment in the MyEnglishLab which allows teachers to grade and monitor.




Enhanced learning

Activites that are instantly graded and correlated to your Choices course.

Flexible solutions

Assign tasks to the whole class, groups, or individual students to help them reach their goals.

Informed teaching

We offer instant access to a range of diagnostic tools.

For students

Choices Student's Book Intermediate

• Students' Book with Active Book or Students' Book eText

• Workbook with Audio CD

For the teacher

Choices Teacher's Book Pre-Intermediate

• Teacher's Book with Multi-ROM

• Active Teach for Whiteboards