Team Up! is a fast-paced, 6-level primary course that will inspire your pupils and help them achieve their goals. Team Up! develops 21st Century Skills by challenging pupils to communicate in authentic contexts, be creative, think critically and collaborate with their classmates to get results. Team Up! helps prepare pupils for success in Cambridge English and Trinity examinations, taking them from level A1 of the CEFR to B1.

Team Up! Everything you need -and more- to get results!

Developed specifically for Spanish classrooms, Team Up! provides the complete package for schools offering intensive or bilingual programmes


Susannah Reed, Lesley Koustaff, Michelle Mahony, Viv Lambert, Kirstie Grainger, Anna Osborn with Kay Bentley

Series Consultant
Magdalena Custodio

6 Levels
Pre-A1 - B1

Team Up! Sample Materials 

You can access free samples and demos for Team Up! materials so you can best see how this course suits your teaching needs. Check them out here:

Andalusia culture

Team up! 1
Team up! 2
Team up! 3
Team up! 4
Team up! 5
Team up! 6

How Team Up! helps your pupils to progress?

  • Focus on developing 21st Century Skills
    Team Up! engages pupils with fun, exciting material and prepares them to succeed both in the classroom and in the outside world. Team Up! challenges pupils to be creative, to think critically and to collaborate with their classmates. The Assessment for Learning approach helps pupils reflect on their own learning.

  • CLIL and Culture references
    Team Up! provides engaging content with links to the Science syllabus, helping teachers plan and connect their bilingual  teaching programmes. The Culture lesson and Culture videos provide pupils with real-world knowledge and understanding.

  • Communicative language competence
    Team Up! encourages pupils to use natural English and practise their learning in authentic contexts through the English in Action section and provides opportunities to explore and personalise new language.

  • Reading and Writing skills
    In Team Up! learners are given ample opportunity to develop and practise their reading and writing skills. Age-appropriate stories and a variety of text genres motivate pupils to read. Writing sections in every unit are carefully scaffolded and introduce pupils to a variety of different text types.

  • Preparation for Cambridge and Trinity Exams
    Team Up! has exam preparation built in right from the start. Exam tasks seamlessly integrated into the unit, a dedicated exam preparation lesson and additional practice tests help pupils to feel confident and prepared.

  • High level content
    Team Up! includes strong grammar and vocabulary programmes. Grammar is presented in context with guided practice and revision through the units. Vocabulary sets are recycled both within and between units and are supported with eye-catching visuals and fun activities.


Team up teachers

Teacher’s Book 

Includes pages of the Pupil’s Book with lesson plans, Assessment for Learning techniques and practical tips for dealing with mixed ability classes. Also provides suggestions for developing and evaluating Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL).

Team up Active Teach

Active Teach for IWB

A complete interactive version of the Pupil’s Book and Activity Book with videos, interactive activities and teacher’s resources.

Team up components

Also available:

  • Class Audio CDs 
  • Posters 
  • Flashcards 
  • Word Cards 
  • Story Cards 
  • eText Basic / eText Premium
Team up teacher resources pack

Teacher’s Resource Pack with external exam preparation material

Includes unit, end of term, end of year and exam preparation tests plus extra photocopiable resources (grammar, vocabulary, video and communication worksheets).

Team up components

NEW additional exam preparation tests for Cambridge Pre-A1 Starters, A1 Movers, A2 Flyers, A2 Key for Schools and B1 Preliminary for Schools.

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