Well Done! provides you with the widest variety of components: story cards, cross-curricular posters with reusable stickers, teacher’s resource booklet with lots of photocopiable resources, flashcards and word cards.

Teacher’s Pack includes:

  • Teacher’s File
  • Teacher’s Resource Booklet
  • Test Booklet
  • Flashcards
  • Word cards
  • Board game set with games, counters and dice
  • Storycards with their own bookstand
  • Posters and reusable stickers

Active Teach for IWB including video and worksheets.

The Teacher’s file helps you deal with mixed ability groups by offering a wealth of extension, reinforcement and evaluation materials. 

Trinity Exams Preparation Materials

If you are preparing your pupils for Trinity GESE Grade 3 or Grade 5, here you can find some useful materials and mock exam videos for you to use with your children.

The Trinity exam prep materials for GESE Grade 3 & Grade 5 provide a comprehensive teaching package for effective exam preparation: