The adventure continues online!

The range of teaching components brings you flexibility and provides with materials to cover different teaching requirements.
Based on a combined lexical and grammatical syllabus which provides constant input and recycling of both language structures and vocabulary, the Digital World also acts as a compelling Word Booster.

Straightforward to teach with clear instructions and suggestions given in the Teachers’ Book.

The Teaching programme provides rubrics and clear guidance for assessment by competences.

The Digital Active Teach for Whiteboards provides you with the complete interactive version of the Pupil’s Book with video sections, cross-curricular sections and CDROM type activities. The perfect way to make the most of the digital flashcards, wordcards and storycards and posters. Includes extra activities, resources and test photocopiables.

Components for teachers

• Teacher’s Book
• Active Teach for IWB including DVD and photocopiables.
• Flashcards
• Audio CDs
• Website with exclusive access for teachers.