The adventure continues online!

The range of teaching components brings you flexibility and provides with materials to cover different teaching requirements.
Based on a combined lexical and grammatical syllabus which provides constant input and recycling of both language structures and vocabulary, the Digital World also acts as a compelling Word Booster.

Straightforward to teach with clear instructions and suggestions given in the Teachers’ Book.

The Teaching programme provides rubrics and clear guidance for assessment by competences.

The Digital Active Teach for Whiteboards provides you with the complete interactive version of the Pupil’s Book with video sections, cross-curricular sections and CDROM type activities. The perfect way to make the most of the digital flashcards, wordcards and storycards and posters. Includes extra activities, resources and test photocopiables.

Components for teachers

• Teacher’s Book
• Active Teach for IWB including DVD and photocopiables.
• Flashcards
• Audio CDs
• Website with exclusive access for teachers.


If your pupils really are 21st Century learners using digital devices at school such as computers or tablets, then Our Discovery Island provides you with the complete digital course.

It’s fun for them and for you it’s easy to track and monitor what your pupils are doing at any time.

eText features great digital content delivered online to any device or downloadable to a tablet. It includes integrated audio and video, as well as customisable notes and search functions

eText + offering all the above plus extra web links, great interactive activities, with immediate feedback and results that can go to your school’s learning platform!

• eText Premium which includes fully digital coursebook and workbook content

Useful Links

Here you can find useful links for using in the class with your pupils

National Geographic Kids is full of games, videos, quizzes for Primary kids.

Do you want to show your pupils about how our world and all the things in it work? At Bitesize Science by BBC you will find interactive videos and activities where kids experiment themselves.

National Geographic Education is responsible for creating educational programs and resources for schools, out-of-school settings, and the home.

National Education Video includes videos for all major educational concepts.

Science News for Kids provides resources directly for educators. They encourage you to visit regularly and freely share the content of this site with your pupils, their parents, and colleagues.

Discover fun Science experiments

Resources for any Science topic

BBC Science and Nature

BBC School Science

Webinars by the National Council for Geographic Education

Arts & Crafts is an award-winning art education website for parents, teachers and children of all ages. KinderArt® features free art lesson plans that teachers and parents can use in their home or school classroom.

The art of education blog offers you some great articles, videos, classes on arts.

The digital palette blog helps you to using technology creatively with your pupils.

The Art Wolf Online Magazine. Where you can find art games where kids can make their own painting as if they were a famous painter.

Play Maths with Maths Champs, exciting games will help children to learn number facts and practice quick calculation.

General Interest

The Teaching Channel where you can watch hundreds of videos of inspiring teachers.

Class Clips for any subject at BBC learning zone.