Meet the authors

Author, levels 3 and 4 

Sagrario Salaberri is Lecturer in TEFL at the University of Almería (Spain). Throughout her career, she has been active in fostering teacher training. She has been a speaker in conferences, courses and seminars on the teaching of English as a second or foreign language. She has written many articles, chapters and books in that field and has been involved in the development of curriculum design, curricular material for EFL and teacher support materials. She is co-author of handbooks for teachers and course books like “Storytelling”, "English Club", "Cosmos", "Universe", and author of “Classroom Language” and “Sunshine” for levels 5 and 6.

Authors, levels 5 and 6  

Oscar Ruiz Maroto‘s academic background includes a Bachelors Degree in Education and a Master’s Degree in Applied Linguistics from UCM. Oscar’s professional career is focused on bilingual education. He has taught in bilingual and dual language programmes in Spain and the United States. He currently holds an administrative position as an education advisor. Oscar has participated in the publication of articles and materials for teachers.  He collaborates with Pearson as an author.


Magdalena Custodio Espinar is an English teacher graduated with honors from the Faculty of Education at UCM. She was Technical Advisory Teacher for the Regional Ministry of Education of the CAM from 2008 to 2010. She has participated as a speaker at several conferences and presentations on bilingualism organized by the Regional Ministries of Education of the CAM and the Region of Murcia, the British Council and the publishers Pearson and Oxford. She is currently teaching at San Sebastian School, a state bilingual school in El Boalo, Madrid and collaborates as a consultant and author with the publisher Pearson. 

Meet the Author - Islands Level 3 & 4 - Sagrario Salaberri
Meet the Authors of Islands - Levels 5 & 6 - Oscar Ruiz Maroto and Magdalena Custodio Espinar