Big English Plus

By Mario Herrera and Christopher Sol Cruz

What's bigger in Big English Plus?

Big English Plus engages students with rich and varied content, encourages progress with ongoing review and assessment and helps develop independent learning and critical thinking with challenging activities.

• Proven methodology

Takes the proven methodological approach and features of Big English and enhances these with additional reading, grammar and exam preparation material. Challenge your students with longer, more complex texts and grammar and new vocabulary.

• Engage Students with rich content

Content Connection presents topics from across the curriculum, extending students’ vocabulary and enabling them to embrace a wider academic environment. Culture Connection teaches young learners about the world around them. Games and videos make learning fun with short tasks and a mix of heads up and heads down activities.

• Extensive exams practice
Addresses the needs of intensive, aspirational schools for more teaching material to consolidate core skills and prepare students for exams. Build confidence in taking exams by more frequent exposure to exam style tasks and formats.

• Delivers results
Provides everything teachers need to deliver great lessons and achieve high results: rich content with a photo-intensive design, real world focus, integrated assessment and an online practice and diagnostic tool. Ongoing assessment shows students what they know and where they need help and online tests immediately show parents how their children are improving.

For pupils

Big English Plus 6
  • Pupil's Book
  • Pupil's Book with MyEnglishLab
  • Activity Book
  • Pupil's eText
  • Pupil's MyEnglishLab
  • Pupil's eText and MyEnglishLab

For the teacher

Big English Plus 5
  • Teacher's Guide
  • Audio CD
  • Teacher's eText CD
  • Teacher eText and MyEnglishLab