Phonics Bug

By Rhona Johnston, Joyce Watson

Everything you need to teach phonics

Phonics Bug is fast-paced – children start to read after learning just eight phonemes – and combines fun 100% decodable books with BBC CBeebies video and whole-class teaching software to give you a range of aural, visual and kinaesthetic phonics activities to appeal to all the children in your class.

Teachers love teaching with Phonics Bug
With Phonics Bug at your side, teaching phonics is easy. The whole-class teaching software gives you everything you need for front-of-class teaching and the 100% decodable readers, interactive games and fun activity sheets consolidate childrens’ learning and provide plenty of opportunities for active participation.

Once they’ve mastered the basics, children ‘step across’ to the Bug Club books to broaden their reading and because every book is also available as an eBook, it’s easy for children to continue their reading adventures at home.

Supports your teaching:

Click here for a demo of the Teacher software

Phonics Bug supports your teaching with print materials:

  • Flashcards and photocopiable activity sheets.
  • Print readers as well as their digital versions.

Click here for a demo of the Pupil’s Phonic eBook 

For pupils

  • Library Online Access

For the teacher

  • Teaching Tools Online Access
  • Library and LMS Online Access
Phonics Bug Pearson Pre-primary

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