Music is the best adventure!

  • Specially developed for schools with bilingual projects. The presentation of content and vocabulary as well as grammatical structures are all carefully contextualized within a CLIL environment.
  • Features fun and entertaining songs with level-appropriate vocabulary and matching the context of each unit.
  • Includes Anglo and international notation.
  • Digital course available for all six-levels - multi-device for online and offline use.
Feel the music

Fernando Argenta
Javier Atance

6 Levels

For pupils

  • Pupil’s Book
  • Activity Book with audio CD
  • Musical album and stickers for levels 1-4 (included in the Activity Book)
  • eText+

For the teachers

  • Teacher’s Guide and Audio CD
  • Posters
  • Active Teach for IWB
  • Music Cards
  • Dance DVD
  • The Symphonic Orchestra DVD
  • DVD El Conciertazo (3 DVD)
  • The Musical Game (board game)
  • Musical Domino