Discover Arts & Crafts

6 Levels
Take your pupils on a voyage of discovery through the history of art – in English!

  •  Carefully-selected content centres on material and activities which relate to pupils’ own environment to make learning more relevant.
  • Through observation activities and the identification and classification of natural forms, children have fun doing drawings, paintings, sculptures and constructions that appeal to their creative instincts.
  • Active Teach software provides the teacher with an unbeatable source of resources, such as video tutorials on arts and crafts techniques, making off videos, extra photocopiable worksheets, and audios

For pupils:

  • Pupil’s Book with access code to online learning zone.

For the teacher:

  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Active Teach
  • Pupil’s Book
  • Audios
  • Photo Gallery

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Pupil's Book Pupil's Book Pupil's Book Pupil's Book