Intelligent Business

By Christine Johnson, Tonya Trappe, Graham Tullis, Irene Barrall and Nikolas Barrall 

Learn business, do business

Intelligent Business makes the world of business accessible to English language students whatever their level of business experience.

• Learn Business
Learn Business refers to the components designed to be accessible to learners who may not have much business experience or knowledge. These components include the Intelligent Business Students’ Book and Worbook.

• Do Business
Do Business refers to the components developed for busy employees who are on a company English Language training programme. The dedicated Skills Book provides focused training in communication skills for business professionals.

• Developed in collaboration with the Economist magazine
Intelligent Business draws on this rich source of authoritative and topical articles on the business world.

• Exam practice and support
Intelligent Business Workbook provides ideal preparation for exams such as BEC and BULATS. At the back of the Workbook is a complete BEC Practice Exam.