By David Cotton, Simon Kent, David Falvey, Gareth Rees and Ian Lebeau

Excel in your studies. Succeed in life!

New Language Leader is the ideal choice for universities or university pathway institutions looking to develop rounded, high-flying students with the real skills they need to succeed in academic study and their future careers.

• Focus on developing 21st Century Skills
New Language Leader
is an international course with a global focus, and is aimed at citizens of the 21st century world, with strong emphasis on areas such as Critical Thinking skills and Digital Literacies.

• Stimulating topics
Relevant, thought-provoking topics and texts that develop critical thinking skills and increase students’ motivation for learning.

• Writing skills and Study skills
Writing sections in every unit introduce students to diff erent genres and develop writing skills. Study skills sections provide useful learning tips and give students a ready made ‘how to succeed in my studies’ toolkit.

• New video material
Meet the Expert videos featuring interviews with leading professionals and academics challenge learners. Study skills videos help prepare students for presentations, lectures and discussions.

Downloadable Sample Units and Class Audio

Starter Level Pre-Intermediate Level Intermediate Level Upper Intermediate Level
Coursebook Coursebook Coursebook Coursebook

Student’s Book with MyEnglishLab.

With the adoption of this edition of the Student’s Book, students have access to the online workbook plus personalised learning and assessment tools. Teachers can provide instant feedback and grades, assign extra activities from a bank of resources, upload audio and video files, and administer and mark unit, progress, mid and end of course tests at the touch of a button.

MyEnglishLab New Language Leader

Enriched Learning
Activities and practice in all skills areas, instantly graded and correlated to the New Language Leader coursebook.

New Language Leader MyEnglishLab includes practice and review tests. With instantly graded activities plus tips and feed back, students are supported and guided to successfully complete the exercises.

Flexible solutions
Assign tasks to the whole class, groups, or individual students to help them reach their goals.

Informed teaching
MyEnglishLab gives you a full learning management system with a range of practical, problem-solving teaching tools. Rely on this online learning tool to support your students effectively, using the automated feed back it offers you on your students' language strengths and weaknesses.

Manage your classes the way you always wanted
Αssign tasks to the whole class, groups or individual students depending on their needs. Use the communication tools to send messages to your students and, if you wish, keep in contact outside of class.

Find out instantly how individual students and the whole class are progressing at the click of a button. Print the gradebook reports to show them to the parents of your students.

Offer each one of your students the special attention you want them to have
When your students use MyEnglishLab for online practice, you instantly get access to a wide range of useful diagnostic tools. Automated Common Error reports (for individual students or the whole class) and instant feedback on all activities plus model answers will help you focus on the real needs of your students.

How will my Students get access to MyEnglishLab?

The MyEnglishLab is sold as a package together with the Students' Book.

How will I get access to MyEnglishLab?

Request your free Teacher’s Access code at your local Pearson office.

For students

New Language Leader Student's Book Advanced

• Coursebook
• Coursebook eText
• Coursebook eText with MyEnglishLab
• Coursebook with MyEnglishLab

For the teacher

New Language Leader Teacher's Book Advanced

• Teacher's Online Resources

• Teacher's eText for Interactive Whiteboards

• Class Audio CDs

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